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Oklahoma tornado footage up very close

Absolutely incredible footage. First they put it in reverse to get away from the funnel, then they start driving driving parallel to it.

From Holy Tornado:

After coming really close to a giant wedge tornado in Lookeba Oklahoma, Holy Tornado then raced south to Chickasha were we once again got our visual of the mesocyclone just of to our southwest. Before this thing had condensed all the way to the ground, you could see the concentrated area where the funnel was about to emerge from the meso. It seemed like there was just a cloud of debris on the ground underneath this meso forever until it had finally fully condensed. Thereafter as the twister gets closer, it intensifies dramatically right outside Jeremy’s window. Shortly after this, you see it hit several homes in a small community and also hits a trailor house and lofts it out the back of the twister. We immediately start searching through rubble and debris. Fortunately, nobody that we know so far has been reported dead from this area although there were some injuries. May god be with the families that were effected by this and may the recovery process get underway fast and be quickly completed.

Another video from Holy Tornado:

Other footage of the recent tornados:

This video gives me the chills as you can first hear the warning sirens, then the crashing as the tornado hits the building – thankfully they’re in a basement


TornadoVideosdotnet – Just wait until about 1:16 into the video… footage up close

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