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Women in China, and a school for women on marrying a billionaire


I just finished watching this video uploaded by Al Jazeera regarding a school in China for women which teaches girls the skills to win the heart of wealthy men. This report is not what really bothered me, it was the majority of the responses given. Here are a few examples (and I’m ignoring the trolls):

I hate gold diggers >.<

I like how china is trying to become like the next america

They just simply sell themselves for Money and that will not have a good end i am sure.

Just more evidence that women want money, not happiness or love.. just throw money at them and they’re all yours…… until it runs out.

A fool and his (or her) money will soon part. That $46/hr could be better spent than on a scam like this.

this is sick….

iam sure everyones parents would want their daughters to marry rich people,its completely different dude,the chinese girls are gold diggers!

Everyone is quick to be a critic, but not move to make any changes. Plus the ignorance in these replies is simply overwhelming. Personally, this school is a very smart decision upon the founders only because of the circumstances the women in China face from the day they were born until the day they die.

It is a survival move….

Because of a Confucian tradition, boys have always been valued more than girls. Males carry on the family name, are considered better workers, receive higher wages and are viewed as the parents’ insurance during old age. When parents are restricted to having only one child, they much prefer that it be a baby boy.

The People’s Republic of China is a totalitarian state. The Communist Party is the only political entity allowed to exist within its borders. Because of this fact, much of the information on women’s rights can be classified as secret. Many statistics on kidnapping and the trafficking in girls and women, induced abortions, sterilizations, infanticides and other human rights violations are unknown.

Statistics from China are sketchy at best. They purposely remain cut off from the western world in order to minimize our influence over their people. And those statistics that do make it out of China are most likely skewed to reflect more reform for women than what is actually occurring. I have found various statistics throughout the past 15 years, and they all follow the same trend.

Illiteracy is predominant amongst women. As much as 70% of the illiterate are women during recent years.

Only slightly more than a third of college students are women. Even less go on to graduate school.

On average, women were paid only 70-80 percent of what men received for the same work. Most women employed in industry work in lower skilled and lower paid jobs.

With the one-child-per-couple law, there are still gender-based abortions occurring. Factually, men have a better life in China than women. It is also part of Chinese tradition for the children to care for their parents during their elderly years. Parents will have more security knowing a son is more apt to care for them than a daughter. This may be harsh, but the truth does not change the facts of survival.

So what is a woman to do in China? They are fighting for more equal rights, but they have thousands of years of traditional to battle against. Progress will be slow. In the meantime, each person, each family must survive. With all these cards stacked up against women, then seeking a wealthy husband is a reasonable solution. Parents will gladly pay for their daughters “education” if this helps ensure they will be taken care of by their wealthy son-in-law.

Cannot say that I blame them.

Womens Rights in China may be on the rise, but they still have a long way to go.

And for those fools who posted such ignorant comments… You are (obviously) on the internet. Crawl out from under your rock and start googling and learning. The world is at your fingertips.

I have my own saying, “Ignorance is not bliss when someone elses ignorance interferes with my bliss.”

Go ahead... I can hear your thoughts. Please share with the rest!

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