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YouTuber downloads this video taken in HI of fire tornado and claims they shot the footage in AZ

If you googled “fire tornados arizona” and came here, that’s what this post was original titled…

Below was my original post.  Thought this was fascinating footage.  Then a fellow blogger pointed out that the footage was actually taken from Hawaii and is available on National Geographic, and provided the link in the comment.  Sure as hell, it is.

It’s one thing to download and reupload a video you wish to share and distribute – as long as you do not take claim of it and provide as much as you know on it’s origin.  Sometimes it is hard with so many videos going viral and info not passed on through each uploader.  But in the case of this video, this person completely falsified everything about it.  They added in their own “redneck” yelling at each other – which is not in the original video.  Then claim to have taken the footage in Arizona.

Fake people suck….

Click here to view showing this same video, filmed in Hawaii, with Nat Geo narration on National Geographic website

UPDATE:  Thur. Sept 22, 2011

Just now took a peek at the fake video, and that account has been closed by YouTube for copyright infringement.  Imagine that….


Close-up and incredible footage of tornado fire rising up through the smoke.

Warning:  This was taken by a mother and son who are constantly yelling and bickering at each other.  I muted the video about 10 seconds into it.  You may wish to do the same.  It is worth watching… muted.


    • You are absolutely right! It’s one thing to download and share cool footage like this. But it’s another to dub in fake conversation then claim they took it in a completely different location. Thank you so much for pointing this out.

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