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A Tea Party summer camp for 8-12 year olds? OMG, now I’ve seen it all… or have I?

That’s it… let’s start brain-washing them while they’re young.  In the St Petersburg Times yesterday was an article about a summer camp being held which falls under the umbrella of the Tea Party.

This camp, “hopes to introduce kids ages 8 to 12 to principles that include “America is good,” “I believe in God,” and “I work hard for what I have and I will share it with who I want to. Government cannot force me to be charitable.”

Translation: I work hard for my money and don’t feel like I need to pay taxes.  The Sixteenth Amendment (Amendment XVI) to the United States Constitution allows the Congress to levy an income tax….

Alrighty-then… teach ’em while they’re young to take, take and then take some more.  Kind of sounds like the Koch Brothers to me.

Organized by conservative writer Jeff Lukens, Jeff states, “I do know they have a lot of political correctness. We are a faithful people, and when you talk about natural law, you have to talk about God. When you take that out of the discussion, you miss the whole thing.”

Soooooo… are we mixing religion into politics?  What happened to separation of Church and State? The First Amendment reads “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ….”  Lukens clearly states, “… you have to talk about God.”

That’s two strikes against out constitution they’re going to embed in the minds of our youth.

One example at Liberty: Children will win hard, wrapped candies to use as currency for a store, symbolizing the gold standard. On the second day, the “banker” will issue paper money instead. Over time, students will realize their paper money buys less and less, while the candies retain their value.

Although I wouldn’t mind owning gold myself (I’m not going to lie), it’s not my main goal in life.  What I draw from this exercise is greed more than anything else.  We are losing the concept of humanity, and this teaching is only going to promote this loss even more.  What about teaching the value of our fellow mankind rather than the value of a gold bar?

Another example: Starting in an austere room where they are made to sit quietly, symbolizing Europe, the children will pass through an obstacle course to arrive at a brightly decorated party room (the New World).

Okay, let’s teach them that other countries are “inferior” to America.  Not different, yet equal… but inferior.  It’s amazing when one opens their minds to the differences of others what they may actually learn.   But, no… different is bad.

What happened to summer camp being fun?  I was a counselor many years ago in Michigan for a summer, and the kids swam, had campfires, sang, participated in various sports, and, well… were kids.

I find this camp sickening… but this is a country were people and groups are allowed to provide such a camp if they choose, and that freedom I do embrace.  Such a Catch-22.

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