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“The Big Lie” a comic by Image Comics on 9/11 Truth, released today

Countless people still question the government’s retelling of 9/11, even ten years later. Rick Veitch is one of them.

Veitch, a comic book writer who penned Vertigo’s satirical ‘Army@Love,’ DC’s 80s-era ‘Swamp Thing,’ and frequently collaborates with Alan Moore, recently teamed up with artist Gary Erskine and Image Comics to produce ‘The Big Lie,’ an illustrated look at theories behind 9/11.

Hitting shelves today, ‘The Big Lie’ tells the tale of a woman who travels back in time to warn skeptical risk management executives, including her husband, about the impending September 11 attacks.

“The meat of the story is her trying to convince these ‘experts’ that the terrorist attack is about to happen,” Veitch told USA Today. “So it’s essentially a taut emotional drama with the facts and questions surrounding 9/11 sewed into it.”

Veitch also says that his own 9/11-related skepticism influenced the story. “Reading the 9/11 Commission Report, it’s pretty clear that a lot of important evidence about the lead-up to the attacks and the collapse of the towers was ignored or glossed over,” he said.

“Bringing in the risk management consulting group was a way of debating the issues and also demonstrating how in 2001, Americans kind of felt invulnerable and couldn’t believe how something like this could ever happen to them,” says Veitch.

In an interview posted on Death and Taxes site, Veitch discusses the motivation behind ‘The Big Lie,’ discusses terrorism as a communicator and explains how the 1980s changed the comic industry.

Here are a few samples from this comic being released today:

Image Comic Site for “The Big Lie”

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