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Several footages of fires in Texas. Update on Bastrop.

The Insurance Council of Texas reported Monday that estimated losses due to recent wildfires in Central Texas are $250 million, by far the costliest in the state’s history.

Firefighting teams Monday worked to extinguish final stubborn flare-ups in the massive, week-old Bastrop blaze, even as gusty winds rekindled several hot spots.

“It seems like we’ve got a really good handle on the remaining fires,” said Nim Kidd, the state’s emergency management director. “But we’ve still got work to do.”  The fires are “not growing on the outside, but there are active areas inside the fire zone,” Kidd said.

Officials said Monday (9/12/11) that the larger Bastrop County fire east and south of town was about 70 percent contained .

(Below) “Bastrop Fire 9/4/11”
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.


(Below) “bastrop fire heading south”
on rt 71 just beyond rt 20


(Below) “FireBastropHwy213pm090411”
Video taken with helmet cam on Hwy 21 East of Bastrop Texas as fire crossed hwy 21.


(Below) “Forest Fire crosses freeway in Bastrop, TX on Sept 4, 2011”
A central Texas forest fire in Bastrop on highway 21 crosses the freeway after winds from Tropical Storm Lee caused an extreme fire alert in Central Texas. The fire was shooting out from the trees however they can only be seen in a few parts of the video. The Bastrop police department shut down the freeway shortly after this video was taken


(Below) “Wildfire bastrop Sept 4 2011”
Wildfire on hwy 71 bastrop


(Below) “Possum Kingdom Lake Fire”
**NOTE** This was uploaded April 21, 2011, but including it because it is a well-made montage of footage from the fires in April 2011.
In April 2011, several large brush fires converged to for the Possum Kingdom Lake Complex, 70 miles west of DFW. Very dry brush and high winds fueled the fire, burning nearly 200,000 acres and over 150 homes. This video was shot from my news helicopter (SKY 4), and I edited together some of the incredible footage we got.


(Below) “Forest Fire time Lapse”
**NOTE** This is older footage, from 2009, but amazing to watch in time lapse.
A series of time lapse videos of forest fires. These fires were in the Kamloops area of British Columbia, Canada – Notch Hill near Shuswap Lake, Martin Mountain near Pritchard, and Mount McLean beside Lillooet.
These time-lapses are shot with a 12 mega pixel digital single lens reflex cameras. Original resolution is 6 times better then HD (high definition). The images have been resized for HD and are much better quality then shown here on YouTube. Video clips are for sale. For more information contact us at Thanks and enjoy!

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