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Occupy Albuquerque | Footage as protesters remain onsite post 10 PM curfew

In the wee hours of the morning on Monday, October 10th, shortly after midnight, the New Mexico state police raided the Occupy Albuquerque camp and evicted the protesters to the sidewalk for the night.  Due to some miscommunication with UNM, the wrong permit had been filed and campus could not be occupied past 10 PM.  The group had been camped out for over a week, and in constant communication occurred with all pertinent parties, but UNM and the police decided they needed to move the campers in the middle of a dead sleep.

After meeting with the UNM President, the approval was given for the protesters to be allowed the use of Yale Park from 7 AM to 10 PM only.  Last night was the first night of the newly imposed curfew.  10 PM arrived and most of the people were milling around not really sure what to do.  Everyone wanted to stay, but in being a peaceful movement, did not wish to cause trouble.  Shortly after 10, everyone broke out in chants, took the signs to the streets, and music broke out.  It was an energetic festive scene.  Those that slept out for the night had made prior arrangement to do so off of campus.

At one point, the local police did appear and posted up across the street.  However, they only observed and caused no issue with the Occupy Albuquerque protesters.  Notice, in the last clip in this video, you will hear the protesters change their change from “We are the 99%” to “YOU are the 99%” which was directed to the officers across the street.

Here is footage taken from last night.


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