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The American Dream | An animated video explaining the Federal Reserve

I had watched this video a several months ago and found it mildly interesting.  I did not watch it in it’s entirety, though, as it is 30 minutes long.  However, in light of all the recent Occupy Wall Street spreading like wildfire, this link came back to me once again.  This time, I watched it from beginning to the end.

My first go-around, my attitude was, “Yeah, right… whatever.”  After all, I was a mortgage broker then banker for ten years…. I know ALL about the Fed.  Yeah, right.  It has recently dawned on me that what I knew about the Federal Reserve was what the bank, the lenders, and other applicable parties wanted me to know.  I was conditioned.  We hailed Greenspan and hung on his every word.  Waited with bated breath for the market to open, locked in rates, and closed loans.  I never fully understood what was truly happening “behind the scenes” until now.

180 degrees.

I think it was perhaps I never wanted to admit that much of what I was told was not necessarily the truth.  I will not go as far as to say everything was a lie, but I do now realize because of my experience in this market, that we are told what “they” want us to know.  Yes, there are radical conspiracy theorists out there, and one must be careful when filtering through all the information on the internet and television… and do be careful of the main stream media (MSM).  After all, they are not going to bite the hand that feeds them.  Much of what is outside the MSM holds truth.  There are very ruthless people in the banking industry and I never wish to cross their threshold again.

This video, besides being well-made animation-wise and full of Simpson-like humor, explains the history of the Federal Reserve in a very simplistic way.  The wit did help keep my attention, as I tend to bounce around on the internet quite a bit.  There are some very good one-liners in it, “Here’s a set of balls, put ’em on, your going to need ’em.”  In all seriousness, though, when getting to the core of this, it helped put all the jigsaw pieces together both from my banking history and today’s news into one complete puzzle.  You may not agree with everything in it and that’s fine.  I didn’t when I first watched it.  If you are unable to watch the full 30 minutes now, bookmark it, favorite it… come back and watch it in it’s entirety when you can.

The proverbial light bulb appeared above my head.

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