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Mr Whipple versus the Charmin Bears

We all receive spam, and most of the time Akismet catches them. However, this one snuck through, and it really caught my attention as a “wtf” type of comment. This was posted (which I moderate and trash) on my posting The American Dream | An animated video explaining the Federal Reserve:


If you’ve not seen the very nice memorial ads now, Charmin bathroom tissue has been paying hommage to their beloved spokesman of many years now…Mr. Whipple…God rest his soul.

If you’ve not noticed, they’ve been using a totally new mascot / spokesperson in his stead…The Charmin Bears. They are animated. Males are blue. Females are pink. They’ve got Momma and Poppa, and even Baby bears. And they all have to do their business.

Now I ask you, What perhaps, might be behind this choice of mascot for a bathroom tissue?

Have you ever heard these rhetorical 2 questions posed when someone asks a question to which the obvious answer is yes:

“Excuse me…Is the POPE Catholic?”
“Does a BEAR ____ in the Woods?”

Note the Charmin Bears…are in the woods. So Einstein, you connect the dots. Am I just dreaming here? Or was this choice of mascot to replace Mr. Whipple in deferance to this age old American expression? Or am I just an idiot for thinking about these things?

Now I ask you… wtf????

This actually made me take a gander at who the actor was that played Mr. Whipple, so according to Wikipedia:

“Mr. Whipple” was played by actor Dick Wilson, a character actor who also played a recurring role on the television series Bewitched. Between 1964 and 1985, Wilson appeared as Whipple in more than 500 commercials for Charmin. Playing this role allowed Wilson the luxury of working only 12 days per year, while earning an annual salary of $300,000. In 1999, after a 14-year hiatus, Mr. Whipple returned to Charmin with various commercials involving why he could not retire (with the answer being that he had to inform the public about Charmin). A later series of commercials featured him with the new slogan, “Is Mr. Whipple watching?”. In a subsequent advertising campaign in 2000, the Whipple character was eventually replaced with the Charmin Bears, a family of cartoon bears whose parents extol the virtues of Charmin to their bear-cub children.

Dick Wilson died of natural causes on November 19, 2007, at the age of 91, in California.

So, now knowing that Mr Whipple died over four years ago, has this spam comment been circulating around the internet twilight zone this entire time only to know find a worm hole and drop into my blog comments?




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