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Occupy Albuquerque Oct 15 2011 | If you build it… they will come! #occupyburque

The protest held in Albuquerque on Saturday, October 15th was truly a phenomenal site!  The first protest on October 1st peaked with probably just under 300 people in attendance.  Fewer attended on October 8th.  We took to the downtown streets on October 12th and protested in front of all the banks, and we had around 30 individuals that day.  We may have been small, but our voices were loud.  When October 15th arrived, I was unsure how many would attend.  When I walked to the protest site, which was in front of Wells-Fargo in Nob Hill on Central Ave, my jaw literally hit the ground and my heart soared sky-high!  People were packed 3 to 4 deep for many blocks long, all with signs in hand and hopes high.  Estimated attendance between 700 to 800.  Every age (the Raging Grannies were present!), race, religion, and socioeconomic background appeared.  All in complete support of the Occupy Wall Street and Global Change movement!  This truly was the Protest Heard Around the World!

When I arrived home post-protest and began scrubbing through my pictures, one jumped out at me (below the video).  Not because it is the picture I took on October 1st of the guitar with “One Voice” on it, but because the person carrying this sign was on the internet and following our posts and sites!  A few others also used this same picture on their signs.  As is normal with any movement, you have the regulars who are in frequent contact posting and passing on information… but there are also those who are silent followers.  Seeing this picture on several signs renewed my faith that the people are listening and want change!!!  Even those who choose not to come to the “front lines” are participating in other manners… sharing posts, news articles, sending emails, and simply talking at the water cooler.  Many people drop food off at Coyote Camp to help feed those on the front line.  When the camp was staying over night, sleeping bags and blankets were donated.  Any support is welcome and all is welcome.  Even stopping by your cities local “camp” for 5 minutes to give a pat on the back and word of support means everything to all involved.  This movement is contagious!

Here is a video I created from the footage I took on Saturday, October 15th.  Please note the extraordinary diversity within the crowd.



More Occupy Albuquerque pictures are available on my photo site:

This is the video from the downtown March of the Banks on October 12th, 2011.

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