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Occupy Albuquerque Oct 25 2011 | Police move in #occupyburque #ows

After President Schmidly, UNM, declared they would not renew the permit that has allowed Coyote Camp to function, several of the protesters formed a circle and stood their ground.  There were too many Albuquerque Police, State Police and SWAT team members that arrived to count.  Fully armed on unarmed, peaceful protesters.  The circle was peacefully arrested, but later in the night, the police used their “strong arm” to break up the 99% crowd which refused to leave.

Here is some footage from last night.  The first video is the circle singing before the arrival of the police.  The second video is the group chanting “Down with Schmidly.”  Then the next two are the police and SWAT team which arrived and pushed the crowd back into the street. Next, originally uploaded by WallStreetZombies, looks to appear to be the police pepper spraying the crowd in the street.  Last video, by MichaelFilmaker, shows the arrests of those in the circle.

Update:  Wednesday afternoon, October 26th, 2011:  Occupy Albuquerque has been told today by UNM that we are NOT allowed to protest on the UNM campus else face arrest.  Not even during normal hours of 7 AM to 10 PM.

A few photos below the videos.  Full set of photos available on here on Motley Photos.











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