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Photos: It’s a Zombie Apocalypse! Why ARE zombies so popular?

Why are zombies such the rage?  Because zombie apocalypse is a perfect example of total escapism – no government, authority, regulations, basic societial responsibilities and expectations, all disappearing into thin air over a short period of time. If you are one of the few that survived, survival, which is your most basic and ingrained instinct, becomes your sole object. Survival. Simple, yet a powerful instinct, a total escape from the ubiquitously mundane lifestyle of modern society. Dangerous predators(zombies), guns, violence, all the things that stimulate your periphery nervous system on the most primitive levels, suddenly become part of the reality. It’s a sublte fantasy world marked with blood and adrenaline.

In a world ruled by the dead… we are forced to start living.

Various photos of zombie costumes and make-up!  Have a Happy Halloween, and be careful of things that go “bump” in the night…..

More photos available on Facebook Motley News & Photos.


  1. You know, you actually hit the nail on the head with the insights provided here. What a way to escape the Empire… as well as kill them by eating them. Zombies are the perfect allegory! Happy Halloween!

  2. Aauughhh!!! He yells in delight! These are ghoulishly great!!! I didn’t start on WP until December 1st, so I never saw this, and thanks for bringing the walking dead from last Halloween back to life in the 1st week of June, so I could enjoy seeing them! The only one that bothered me just a tiny bit, was the zombie woman in the bikini – she caused me to feel conflicting reactions, and I’d rather not talk about it. Lol 😉

      • So you go and pick the zombie woman in the bikini as the best, after I say that she’s the one I’d rather not talk about? Uh huh… Okay Michelle, just be that way, if you really must! (kidding) While I do enjoy it when women show off almost everything while wearing a bikini, I prefer these women to look healthy as well as alive, and when they look dead, I find this to be a major turn off.

        It can be fun and exciting when an attractive (and living) woman in a bikini has things hanging out, but my personal preference for what is hanging out, is NOT her intestines! Lol 🙂

        • Well I know that things have been pretty dead around WP lately, but that doesn’t mean that I have to like pretty dead things! Lol

          I just might have a little bit of a kinky side, and for once I’ll spare you the details, except to say that it doesn’t include necrophilia. Nope, just not what I’m into…

        • Ewwwwww! You know, I just cannot even come close to any comprehension of how necrophilia turns people on. No way. Nuh-uh. Nope. Several other -philias, too. But that one….. I don’t get it. I just…. No.

        • Well then obviously becoming a mortician is not the right career change for you! Cause I’ve heard some stories and… Okay, I’ll just stop now, without another word, and I promise! Except to say that I agree with you and share your reaction of Ewwwwww! Lol

        • And I find that reassuring. True story… Back around 2003 I was going through a tough stretch in my life, due to unemployment and other issues and I was hardly sleeping at all. So sometimes I’d pass the early AM hours on chat with this eccentric woman from New Zealand. Nothing inappropriate, just chat to keep each other company. She could get somewhat weird at times with things she’d say, but usually nothing I couldn’t handle.

          But one time she got on this strange kick about talking about funerals and dead people, and then she went on to say that when she was at a funeral with an open casket, that she always wanted to touch the body.

          So I’m just kinda replying with noncommittal comments like “Hmm… now that’s different.” and trying to change the subject, to get her mind in another direction.

          But then she hits me with “Now if you were dead, I’d definitely want to touch you, and I would just go ahead and do it.”

          Which is when our internet connection went dead, because I immediately shut down my PC… There’s some seriously weird people out there.

        • Yeah, even though she was about as geographically far away from me in the world as she could be, that was beyond my comfort zone, under any circumstances.

          But it was much worse when I really pissed off the woman who thought she was a vampire, and then I found out that she lived in Rhode Island, and she was less than a 40 mile drive away from me… But maybe that’s a story for another time, or maybe a story for the 12th of never… Lol

        • If you saw my word folder, you’d see many files and all kinds of writing in there. I haven’t written a book yet, but I have written lots of short stories, probably around 200 stories and mostly about my real life experiences.

          Maybe someday in the not too distant future, I will pull it all together in a book. We’ll see…

        • Do it! Just make an e-book, create a site, upload it and sell it. Easy. You won’t need a major host account for that since the site will be fairly simple. Although… the more interesting you make it, the more books would sell. And you have a LOT of interesting things to use on the site.

        • Thanks for the encouragement. I might just do it. I do have some interesting tales to tell, and part of the reason I’m blogging is to improve my writing skills with lots of practice. Of course, I also just really enjoy blogging, and the reactions I get from readers, and then saying funny and outrageous stuff on their posts. It’s fun!

  3. OK, quick synopsis of Vampire woman experience. A few years back I was a member of this message board where the idea was to get on there and talk about anything, and the more weird and outrageous the topic, the better.

    This tended to attract some very bizarre people. Some were just garden variety crazy, or admittedly Bi-Polar, and they were okay, unless they were off their meds and in a manic state, which happened every now and then.

    But occasionally, we’d have somebody land on there who was truly weird and WAY out there. A memorable example was this woman who showed up claiming to be a vampire – but not a supernatural undead vampire. Instead she had decided to become a vampire, and she had fangs dentally implanted, (she posted a picture of her fangs) and she said that she was really into biting people and drinking their blood.

    The whole idea just seemed so outrageous and ridiculous in a twisted and morbid sort of way to me, that my sense of humor kicked in, and I started bantering with her and making all these vampire jokes off the top of my head, and she was getting into it and enjoying my humorous remarks.

    I was saying shit like “Wow! I’ve never kidded around with a female vampire before, so this is a whole new experience for me, and a real challenge too, cause I want to see if I can make a female vampire laugh. But hey, if you don’t like my jokes, well then BITE me! Lol

    Hmm… maybe that’s the wrong thing to say a vampire, cause while it’s really just an expression, you might take it literally! Lol – So tell me, did your dental insurance cover the cost of your fang implants? Cause insurance companies are real blood suckers too, and I’m sure that they’d want to take care of one of their own. Am I right?

    So are you a really pretty female vampire? Do you think that when you look in the mirror that you’re the fairest vampire of them all? Oh, I’m sorry… I forgot about that whole thing with vampires and mirrors, and how you have no reflections. That was very insensitive of me, and I’ll also try to remember to not ask if you enjoy sunbathing on the beach, cause that would be also the wrong thing for me to say to you.”

    So she’s starting to really get into it, and she says that she really likes my sense of humor, and that I’m making her laugh. I say “Well alright then! Is your casket a single or a double? I’m hoping it’s a double, cause I’d kinda like to spend the “day” with you, and I’m starting to feel “hot blooded”. I’m hoping this kind of talk might get you excited and in the mood for some real vampire lovin’.

    I’ve never made it with a vampire before, but I’m an adventurous guy and I’m always up for new experiences! BTW, my blood type is O-positive and I’m hoping that’s one of your favorite flavors, because I really do want to make you a happy vampire woman and I want you to really like me. Cause that way you’re less likely to kill me!” Lol

    And I’m taking a break cause this story is getting too long…

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