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What does a Zombie, a Skinhead and the Hulk all have in common?

So what does a zombie, a skinhead and the Hulk have in common? They’re all in the news. Heehee… a hodge-podge of a weird current news.

‘Zombie attacks’ spread through the Deep South in Florida and Louisiana

Just two weeks after the infamous face-eating attack on the MacArthur Causeway, a Miami man believed under the influence of “Cloud 9” — a substance police indicated is a form of bath salts — reportedly growled at arresting officers, yelled “I’m going to eat you,” and tried to bite them.

Then we go to Louisiana. Officers had to track down a suspect who had bitten a “chunk” out of someone’s face in Louisiana while “under the influence of some kind of drug.”

What is going on in the south? Drinking too much swamp water?

Oh, btw… if you are a fan of zombies, check out the photos of a zombie parade in my post just before Halloween last year, “Photos: It’s a Zombie Apocalypse! Why ARE zombies so popular?” The makeup is phenomenal!

Skinhead candidate gets just one vote and wins the election

Republican Senate candidate Lamar Alexander, center, and Steve Smith, right, show off Alexander’s trophy dove to Sen. Bill Frist, R-Tenn.

Scary, huh. I find this more frightening than the Zombie Apocalypse.

Republican leaders have a mess on their hands in Pittston, Pennsylvania, where a man with “longstanding ties to white supremacist groups,” as the Associated Press puts it, elected himself to a low-level, local post. How’d he do it? He won the April election with just a single write-in vote, which he cast for himself. The Southern Poverty Law Center is now drawing attention to the case, saying that Steve Smith — who now holds a four-year committee post repping Pittston’s Fourth Ward — is linked to “an extraordinary array of white nationalist, skinhead, and neo-Nazi groups.” Party leaders say there’s nothing they can do, with Luzerne County chief adding that the only grounds for qualification is two years as a registered Republican, which Smith has.

The GOP “does not endorse or represent any of the hateful views of Mr. Smith, nor did any of the voters in Pittston City or Luzerne County,” Luzerne County Republican Party chief Terry Casey said in a statement.

And let’s wrap this up with someone who is not the sharpest knife in the drawer….

Man paints himself green like the Hulk – but used the wrong paint

Paolo Henrique dos Santos was hoping to look like the Incredible Hulk for just a few hours, but the Brazilian pool attendant’s new identity lasted a lot longer thanks to the industrial-strength paint he used to cover his body. While the paint was the perfect shade of green and accentuated his muscle tone nicely, it happens to be designed to coat ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines — not human skin. It took 24 hours for the superhero and a crew of (now) intimate friends and family to scrub off the “incredible” green substance.


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NY Daily News: Former Pennsylvania skinhead wins GOP post with single vote
Daily Mail:  I need a soaper-hero! Wannabe Incredible Hulk covers himself in green paint… and then discovers it won’t come off


  1. I’m not sure whether to roll around on the floor laughing or pull up the drawbridge and post guard for fear of the lunatics running loose outside Michelle. Either way, this is one very entertaining post! 😀

  2. The zombie thing is spreading to Denver soon with the Run for Your Lives race, a “zombie infested 5K obstacle course.” My DIL is entering.
    It looks like a fun event, but I still don’t get the whole zombie thing (or, for that matter, the vampire thing either).

    • I think the Zombie attraction is simply the act of “letting it all out.” Being crazy and creative at the same time. Acting weird in public but you won’t get arrested.

      Now the vampire thing I believe is a combo of power, control, untouchable, and immortal. It fascinates me, too.

  3. Izaak said almost word for word what I was thinking, so I’ll just say ditto. Except that I’d throw in the white supremacist with the lunatics… and maybe they’d eat him. Nah, I shouldn’t say that, even though I just did, cause that makes me almost as bad as a white supremacist.

    I read a little more about this new “Cloud 9″ drug, and it’s a really evil situation. Apparently it’s not bath salts at all, but that’s just what they call it, so they can sell it legally in smoking shops, and get away with it by putting “Not for human consumption” on the label. I guess the FDA has tried to nail the people who sell this shit, but they keep changing the ingredients just enough to claim it’s a new and different product. What a world!

    • Yeah, the name is because it looks like bath salts. I’m sure some idiots won’t realize that it’s actually not bath salts, then try to use their parents bath salts and all they do is probably get sick.

      If a zombie ate a white supremacist, I’m sure they’d get sick and probably die for real.

    • Oh I absolutely intended for the white supremacists to be cast amongst the lunatics. I even tried, and failed, to come up with something funny to say about that “survival of the fittest” thing taking way to long for my tastes – with a Gabrielle Anwar “Can we shoot them?” Burn Notice visual to back it up! 😆

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