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Dia de los Muertos, Marigold Parade | Video from Albuquerque NM Nov 6 2011

Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de los Muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and around the world in many cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. Here is a video made from footage I took at the Albuquerque NM Dia de los Muertos Marigold Parade held on November 6, 2011.


    • Thank you so much for your compliment. Alas, nothing published. I have just built myself a “personal” production studio here at home within the last 6 months. Computer, software, and cameras. I still have a lot to learn and hope to be able to do this professionally one of these days. I have a degree in graphic design from 1987 but was sidetracked with another line of work (better income) for many years. Then realized I truly love media and that’s where my heart lies. So now rekindling my passion and will hopefully make a living doing this one of these days. Again, thanks for you compliment… it means a lot.

  1. So happy to get to watch the parade now through your eyes, since we were right in the middle of it the first time around. Thank you! ❤ (poi spinner at about 2:40)

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