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8-year-old boy shocks Michele Bachmann when he tell her his mother is gay and doesn’t need fixing

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann appeared stunned Sunday after an 8-year-old South Carolina boy told her that his gay mother didn’t “need any fixing.”

The candidate was signing her memoir Core of Conviction for a scant few supporters at a Myrtle Beach Books-A-Million when 8-year-old Elijah stepped forward with a message.

“You said it, but I think my ears were too far away,” Bachmann told the boy as she leaned over the table, pulling him close.

“Ms. Bachmann, my mommy’s gay but she doesn’t need any fixing,” Elijah whispered into her ear.

The dumbfounded GOP hopeful slowly stood up with her wide eyes glaring at the mother.

“Bye, bye,” she waived.

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The first video below is showing the boy telling this to Michele Bachmann.  The second video is the Current segment with Keith Olbermann discussing this incident.



Source:  The Raw Story


  1. That kid has little idea what he’s even talking about. His mother does need “fixing”, but it has nothing to do with her sexual preference. It has to do with the fact that she’s a coward and programed her son to repeat what he was told to say. Pathetic and sickening. Fight your own battles, lady. Don’t get your little kid to do it. Let him have his innocence if you’re any kind of mother at all.

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