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Touched by a Mountain Gorilla

Absolutely amazing encounter of a troop of wild gorillas which wandered into this camp.  On Dec. 11, King was in a private safari camp near Bwindi National Park, in Uganda, to see mountain gorillas. Apparently, they wanted to see him, too.  He was sitting beside a trail when a family of wild gorillas joined him.  Curious about their fellow primate, at least two of the gorillas touched King’s head and neck, smelled him and tasted him on their fingers.  I can only imagine how his heart was racing during this whole time.  Although typically not agressive, a male Silverback does have the strength to tear apart a man limb by limb in only a few mere seconds should he feel his family is being threatened.


  1. I’d have been absolutely petrified. Especially by the big guy, whom I would have called “Sir.” Still, it would be the experience of a lifetime — if I didn’t have a heart attack on the spot. Thanks for sharing this wonderful footage.

  2. Oh wow! What a beautiful piece of footage! I sat watching with a massive smile on my face. I just can’t imagine how this man felt. How simply amazing! Thank you for posting this. 🙂

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