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2011 in Review | My Favorite Video

Okay, fellow internet cohorts… it is time to start wrapping up 2011, and what a year this has been!  For my first post of “2011 in Review,” I am sharing my favorite video which came out… The Ultimate Dog Tease.  Naturally since I am a huge dog-lover, having trained dogs since I was 12 years old, run agility, and work with dog rescue, it makes complete sense that this is my fav.  However, this video is SO creative, that even the non-dog-lover in life has to admit that it’s damn funny and well-made.

Uploaded on May 2, 2011, as of today, YouTube hit counter is showing 78,606,808 hits… and probably a thousand of those hit are from me alone.  Whenever I need a smile on my face, this is where I go.

The original footage without the voice dub-over can be seen in one of my previous posts, Ultimate Dog Tease: Viral video of talking dog who didn’t get his meat… but the cat did…

Thank you, klaatu42, for bringing some good clean humor into our lives.

Oh, personal plug… if you are a dog fan, check out my Motley Dogs site.  There you can find out more about me and my dogs, and all kinds of doggie-info including photos, The Best Pictures of Dogs, Dogs in the News, and Doggie Humor, Animated gif’s in addition to a TON more.


    • Reeeeelllly poor taste. Whoever put this piece of garbage together must identify with Newt’s moral shortcomings (assumed). Unless we walk in another’s shoes we have no clue as to what, why, someone else does what they do.

  1. He’s done some other good ones, too, but this is really the best one out of all of them. Thanks for posting again, because it cracks me up every time I see it. 🙂

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