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Keystone XL DENIED! Obama Threatened by Oil Companies

The Keystone XL pipeline was denied today by Obama – at least for now. TransCanada will be allowed to refile. This is hailed as a huge victory by those opposed to the pipeline, and I am sure the earth, environment and wildlife appreciate this as well.

I checked out #keystone on Twitter a while ago and just happened to catch Boehners tweet that Obama is killing thousands of jobs. Well, horse hockies! Do people really buy this line of crap? And as if this is the only source of jobs available in this country? First of all, bring back all our jobs that are now overseas – such as the 200,000 jobs displaced to China via Wal-Mart. This alone will well exceed Boehners over-inflated amount of jobs from the Keystone XL pipeline. I just bet that ol’ Sam Walton is turning over in his grave since he did found his company on the belief of all Made in the USA products – then his money-grubbing children changed all that. What about a combination of American companies, not just Wal-Mart? The Economic Policy Institute, a Washington think tank, says American companies have created 1.4 million jobs overseas in 2010.

Green energy. We have the technology, we have the resources – but what will not be had are the huge profits gained by the oil companies. Green energy may be currently somewhat more costly than using non-renewable fossil fuels, but would this be perhaps because it is meant to be more costly as an excuse not to convert? Seriously, we have the technology to develop efficient forms of renewable energy – we have put man on the moon, everyone carries a phone in their pocket, and the world is literally under our fingertips as quick as you can type. Please, do not tell me that we are incapable of creating a cost-efficient form of wind/solar/geothermal/hydro power. Additionally… jobs. To manufacture, install, and maintain green energy sources will require… what’s that?… jobs! The oil companies have the money to invest in developing and converting to green energy. Yes, it will take a hit upfront to set up the new type of manufacturing plants as opposed to the steady stream of oil money now, but I feel fairly confident they can afford to do so.

Here is a video which also provides some more insight as to the true reason behind the Keystone XL pipeline – and also a bit of a threat to Obama from the oil companies. Did you know that our number one export now is gasoline/diesel/jet fuel? Excuse me?? Then why the hell are we paying $3 to $4 per gallon? Oh, right… there’s more profit in exporting. We obviously have the supply to meet the country’s demand, but once again, the oil companies profit directly from our pockets in addition to exporting profits.

Oh, a little side-note here… Got to love how this report is coming from Russia Today… our main stream media is just so bought and paid that we have to find out the truth from news sources outside our own country.  😦


  1. Thank you for posting this Michelle, because the message that you carry needs to get as much exposure as possible. Whether a majority of Americans will bother to listen and understand, remains in doubt. But at least people like you are out there trying to get the message across, and thank you for your efforts.

    • Thanks… I understand my view points may not always be right, and definitely not the same as others… but what I simply strive for is for people to start thinking and acting, and quit following.

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