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The Golf War

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This video is GREAT!  Even if you are not a fan of golf, you will find humor in it.

A routine golf cart patrol along the back nine is ambushed. Golf can be deadly.

This one’s for Pebble Beach…


  1. Funny stuff! Lol 🙂 I love anything that parodies golf. Back in my teens, I had this whole satire about golf written in a spiral notebook, in which I wrote about changes that I thought would make the game more exciting, instead being a “sport” that should be shown late at night on TV to help chronic insomniacs go to sleep. My version of golf would have allowed “tackling the opposing putter on the green, from a running start of 50 yards away” and also “skeet golf” in which other golfers can set up in the rough along the fairway with shotguns, and when their opponents tee off, open fire and try to blow their balls away in mid flight. 😉

    • Ha!! Too funny! You’re very talented with a gift of humor… grab a camcorder, some buddies, and start filming away and upload to youtube and post! As long as nothing copyrighted is included (i.e. music) monetize it and who know… may make a few bucks.

      LOL.. speaking of insomnia…. I had a pretty bad night a couple weeks ago, so I posted a bunch of funnies about insomnia. Now when I get up in the morning and check my blog stats, that one is almost always one of the top hits through the night. I feel their pain!

      • Thanks Michelle! 🙂 I’m genuinely flattered. Making youtube videos is tempting… but there would definitely be a learning curve for me to get past, because I have zero experience with the kind of editing that makes a video much better than just the point and shoot stuff. But still tempting… and maybe eventually I’ll be coming soon to a monitor near you!

        Saw the insomnia post the morning after you posted it and loved it! Yes, I really do believe that you feel their (my) pain. 🙂

        Oh, and I don’t know what took me so long, but I just played your singing quartet of horses and had a very good laugh! You also have a very fun and amusing sense of humor. 🙂

        • Thanks! If you need any assistance with video editing, I’m happy to help – and even do the editing if you need. Just need to be able to use an up/download site (I’d avoid Megaupload for now). I have all the software necessary, including After Effects, which is for special effects – but I’m not that good with it yet.

        • Anytime! I purposely designed and built my system and bought (no pirate-ware for me) the software for full production capabilities. Wasn’t cheap, let me tell you! I ate Ramen noodles for months to save on food costs so I could get this monster built and up.

        • Oh boy oh boy oh boy… I took some pix today which when taking specifically had you in mind. Heehee…. First, though… nap time. One little outing of one hour exhausts me. Then I need to process in photoshop. Anticipation just isn’t for ketchup.

        • Well let’s see… your reply was about 2 hours and 12 minutes ago, so hopefully you’ll have lots of nap time and wake up refreshed and ready to go! And no, anticipation is NOT just for ketchup! 😉

          Most of the time you can call me crazy, but right now you can call me intrigued… and I’ll be waiting. 🙂

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