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Mitt Happens….

LMAO! Came across this website called “Mitt Romney is a Tool.” Talk about hilarious! Allow me to share a few highlights from….

Who Let the Dogs Out? Here is a video of him trying to be “cool” by saying “Who let the dogs out” when he gathered with a group of black people in Jacksonville FL. Talk about a stereotyping racist (beep) who only succeeded in completely embarrassing himself and insulting Baha Men:

Seamus on you, Mitt… is a page devoted to his 12-hour trip to Ontario with their family dog, Seamus, crated in a carrier strapped to the top of their car. Despite Seamus’s rather visceral protest getting into the cage, and the fact that he shat all over the carrier and down the rear window at some point along the way, Mitt defended his actions, stating that his dog “likes fresh air.”

LMFAO (the Plane) is the story of a chance encounter between LMFAO (an American electro pop duo) and Mitt and his wife, Ann. In February of 2010, The Mittster and Ann flew coach from the Olympics to LA. Everything was going fine until Sky Blu of LMFAO sat down in front of Mitt and reclined his seat. Well aware that all seats must be in their full, upright position prior to take off and landing, Mitt asked Sky Blu to put his seat up. Sky ignored him (oh snap), which prompted Mitt to deploy his “Vulcan condor grip,” at which point Sky knocked his hand away and Ann screamed like she was being mugged… on a plane, in broad daylight… ? (note: Sky Blu isn’t 100% white).

Ann got her way – Sky was escorted off the plane, and took the next flight down. It was sort of big news when it happened, so Sky filmed a little response to Mitt’s accusations.

Mitticisms along with some photoshopped images of Mitt:


Mitt’s rap name is R Money. – Bill P


Mitt Romney is tough on crime, tender on pine.


Romney has that Ken doll appeal that a lot of right-wingers go for. – Alec Baldwin


The only way I’d ever consider voting for Romney is if he rocked a kick-ass mullet. – The Rippers


Mitt Romney is a highly lubricated weather vane. – Jon Huntsman

Mitt Romney is the rich kid who shows you all his toys and then takes your toys away. – John Brabender

Mitt Romney has more awkward positions in him than a copy of the Kama Sutra. – Scott Robert

Mitt Romney wears mom jeans. – Chris Matthews

Mitt Romney is so straight-laced, he makes Al Gore look like Charlie Sheen. – M Smith

Here are a few other items I found which were not on “Mitt Romney is a Tool” website





Mitt Romney, Student Protester



  1. Not in a million years would I vote for this man. I can’t begin to count the reasons, so I don’t even try. The thought of poor Seamus terrified in that crate for 12 hours is more than enough.

    • Ayup. And me being the dog person that I am, what he did is the same as putting a human child on the top of a car. Inexcusable. He is the biggest snake in the grass I’ve seen in a while.

  2. I’ve commented and before and you’ve seen my blogposts so you know how much I dislike Romney. I really do think, however, that Romney will win the Republican nomination — simply because they have fed us the worst possible presidential candidates since Eisenhower. Newt may be crazy, but I happen to think his moon colony idea is pretty good — just send all the Rep. nominees and Congress (minus Bernie Sanders) to be the trial occupants of the colony.

    • Nor do I. What amazes me is that people still follow him after the “why don’t windows roll down in airplanes” question. I believe he was sincere. If so, he has no business running this country if he’s that stupid.

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