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America’s Bark Off to McDonald’s | Pit Bulls Against McDonald’s

McDonald’s very foolishly ran a radio ad in the midwest which said, “Trying a brand new menu item at McDonald’s isn’t risky. You know what’s risky… petting a stray pit bull…” Naturally, this created an outburst from the owners of pit bulls, formally known as American Staffordshire Terrier or the Stafforshire Bull Terrier in England. Especially angry, and rightly so, are those owners which rescued a stray or an abandoned pit.

Bad move, MickeyD’s… very bad move. Your ad people as well as the ones who approved the radio ad are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

McDonalds Pitbull Commercial (Anti Pit Bull Radio Ad) is heard in the very beginning of this video. It is followed by a slideshow highlighting some of the hundreds of emailed and facebooked photos sent to BAD RAP after McDonald’s made their damaging comment. With many thanks to everyone who responded so quickly to this photo project. “Hey McDonald’s, My pit bull is a rescued stray!” –

McDonald’s has now offered the following apology:

“In our effort to spread the word about our new Chicken McBites, one of our local markets ran an ad that inadvertently offended some of our customers. The ad was insensitive in its mention of pit bulls. We apologize. We are pulling the ad, and will review our creative screening process. It’s never our intent to offend anyone with how we communicate news about McDonald’s.”

BAD RAP is a 501c3 non-profit organization built by pit bull owners, trainers, educators, rescuers, and supporters. BAD RAP evolved out of a desire to respond to the difficult issues facing this misunderstood breed. For more info on their programs, visit:

Here are a TON of photos of pit bulls with their letters of protest to McDonald’s. I just couldn’t stop downloading them off of the Facebook page BAD RAP. They’re all so wonderful! Which one is your favorite? Mine is the large one below of the pit pissing on the McDonald’s Chicken McBites sign.


Clicking on a thumbnail will bring up the photo in full size
and you may then toggle through at your own pace.


    • Yes. I know several ASBT owners – the real thing – and they do not care much for the term “pit bull.” But that’s what most people know them as. And honestly, it’s easier to say and type… 😀 I’ve not yet met a pit I didn’t like or that wasn’t as sweet as honey. Most of the dogs with snippy attitudes I’ve had to deal with have mainly been toy breeds. The large breeds are typically so much more gentle.

  1. I know a man who rescued a Saffordshire terrier (pit bull). He also has a black lab. The funny thing is everyone was so afraid of the pit that they paid no attention to the lab who was actually the dangerous one. If you were a stranger, the pit ran up to greet you and lick you while the lab circled round to bite you in the arse. Perfect protection team. LOL

  2. Man i can’t believe they would say something like that about a pitbull. mine not be a stray I have had her ever sense she was apuppy she saved my life more then i can count. she is just a big love bug she will bark at you until you come up and pet her then she is all wiggle’s she is only 1years old or maybe 1 1/2 i don’t know her birth day.

    I think people need to meet a pitbull instead of just give them a bad rap on how they believe the new’s on everything which isn’t true the news says it is a pitbull just to make people freaken be afraid of pits but what you don’t see is most dogs look like pitbulls or it really isn’t apitbull at all. the american bulldog looks like a pit but it isnt.

    the news has been breaking down large breed dogs for years first they were attacking the rottweilers which i owned then the germanshepherds which i owned one but the most dog i would be affraid of is a collie is because i was attacked by my grandmothers collie it went for my throat.

    but People need to think twice about talking what they don’t know about this wonderfull breed of dog yeah they might be bred to fight or take bears down but my dog is part of my family and nothing will change that and no one will take her away from me.

    • I have never met a mean pit. I know they’re there, just like all other breeds, but they’ve been targeted because so many people use them for illegal dog fighting. Honestly, though, most of the more aggressive dogs I have encountered were smaller dogs… not large breeds.

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