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George Carlin | Pro-Lifers and Abortion

As always, George Carlin tells it like it is. Wisdom combined with humor. He is missed.

In this video he discusses pro-lifers and abortion. This is footage from one of his performances in 1996.

“How come when it’s us, it’s an abortion. When it’s a chicken, it’s an omelette.”




  1. In quite a few area’s of life, Carlin was ahead of his time. His insight into modern day problems, was at times, uncanny.


  2. I love Carlin. Thank you for sharing this. One of my favorites is: “Consider how stupid the ‘average’ American is, then consider that at least 50% (of the rest) are stupider than THAT”. Great post!

  3. First three albums I ever bought: Abby Road, Johnny Cash: Folsom Prison, and Class Clown by George Carlin.
    Showing my age but loved Carlin since I was a kid.
    Fun post 🙂
    RIP George

  4. He never held anything back; told it like it is without fail and was always right on target. Just love the man and miss him terribly. I’d love to hear him now!

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