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30-story Building Built in 15 days | Time Lapse Video

There are many things which we can learn from other countries around the world. Take a look at this building in China, for example. Harnessing manpower like never before, Chinese sustainable building company Broad Group has accomplished the seemingly impossible task of constructing a 30-story hotel in a mere 15 days (360 hours)! The above time-lapse video perfectly illustrates the whirlwind construction that highlights the never-ending possibilities of prefab architecture.

Not only did the prototype break construction records, it can also withstand a nine magnitude earthquake and is five times more energy-efficient than conventional buildings, according to the company.

This latest feat, located near Dongting lake in the Hunan Province, tops the company’s previous record of a 15-story building in just six days.

You may ask why in a hurry, and is it safe? The statistics in the video can put you in good faith. Prefabricated modular buildings have many advantages over conventional buildings.

•  Higher precision in fabrication (+/- 0.2mm).
•  More coordinated on-site construction management.
•  Shorter construction time span.
•  Lower construction waste.
•  Also many other health and energy features are included in Broad Sustainable Buildings (BSB)

This building was built over last Christmas time and finished before New Years Eve of 2012.


  1. Very impressive video and even more impressive technology. But this all leaves me with a disturbing feeling of unease because China has such an abysmal record on human rights. The Chinese remind me of a human ant colony – an endless supply of individual labor that all works together to accomplish great things, but governed by a state that is devoid of compassion, and has little to no respect for the rights of the individual. It would not surprise me if China becomes the greatest superpower of the 21st century, but at what cost to humanity? Is the rest of the world destined to become like Tibet and ruled by a Greater Chinese state, in the same ruthless and mass murderous way?

    Still enjoyed the video tho…

    • Very true. But on the complete flip side, for example, many of our companies (in keeping with construction per the topic here) will draw out their work in order to make more profit. And many workers have a “I don’t give a shit” attitude, therefore that carries through in shoddy work (and the bosses, too – not just the workers). So a nice balance in between would bode well for many.

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