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Father of Facebooking Daughter Shoots Laptop with His .45

This is great! This video has gone viral and has been featured on several news programs.  I cannot write the story behind this any better than the father did in the YouTube description, so here it is:

“My daughter thought it would be funny/rebellious/cool to post on her Facebook wall just how upset she was and how unfair her life here is; how we work her too hard with chores, never pay her for chores, and just in general make her life difficult.

She chose to share this with the entire world on Facebook and block her parent’s from seeing it. Well, umm… she failed. As of the end of this video, she won’t have to worry anymore about posting inappropriate things on Facebook…

Maybe a few kids can take something away from this… If you’re so disrespectful to your parents and yourself as to post this kind of thing on Facebook, you’re deserving of some tough love. Today, my daughter is getting a dose of tough love.”

Here is the original Facebook thread on the father’s page, Tommy Jordan.



  1. This was really great… I did a blog post about this too, lol… but I like yours better! 😀 This was a story that touched me as a parent, because I wish more parents would step up like this father did.

      • I know… I did put this on my oldest daughters FB page… I showed her the video and she was like… OMG!!! I said, remember anytime you have something bad to say about us, keep it off FB or your lap top just might end up the same way… you should’ve seen her face… it was hilarious!

        • Mine did. If I got way out of line, my dad would threaten with the belt by counting to 3. I do not believe that’s abuse at all. And I also stopped whatever I was doing when he got to 2, so I cannot ever recall ever being whacked with the belt. The threat alone stopped me. Now that I really think about it… I do not think I was ever whacked by a belt.

        • Yeah, I got the belt, back handed, punched, kicked, etc… I dont believe the belt is abuse, but obviously the others are. (not saying I was a bad kid, just my parents were bad into drugs and alcohol.) But we threaten with the belt if we need to… much like how your parents did. Our kids for the most part know… if we get to 3, it won’t end well, lol…

  2. You know, I’m reading some of those comments and some people just don’t get it. What he did is terrific. She has no idea how easy she has it. My father did a couple of similar things and then when overboard. I was a good kid and followed his rules, but when you go overboard, you kill your child’s spirit. This, on the other hand, is his first step in his attempt to teach her some discipline and respect. She was acting like a spoiled brat. If she doesn’t get the message this time, she never will.

  3. He also came back with a statement after this went viral that he had no interest in doing news interviews, or selling his story for money because that would send the wrong message to his daughter.

    I really like this guy.

  4. In Ireland ( where I used to live) there is an expression ” she didn’t lick it off a stone ” what that means is she didn’t become a selfish spoilt child on her own.
    We all of us reap what we sow when we give in to buying our kids more and more things and isolating them (often in their rooms) to “play” with those things.
    No I have no idea how much time this family spent with this child but time is what children need most. Love and time not possessions.
    Does he think this will make his daughter love him? Humiliating her in front of millions? He says she has it easy…who allowed her to have it easy?
    Boundaries are necessary throughout a childs life not just when they get to be teenagers… in fact it’s too late by then.
    Doesn’t he also know that teenagers learn to grow up and be independant by pushing those boundaries .. I certainly did.
    Oh and how I detest American gun culture ! )
    Rant over !

    • LOL! Rant on anytime! It’s good for the soul. Yes, I agree with what you’ve said, but times are most definitely different now than when I was a child, and our parents were in different times from their parents. Each and every generation that has passed before this one goes through the same thing… peer pressure. But this time around, the internet and affordable technology is a huge difference. Kids now live in a world were they are much more cruel than ever before, and more demanding. A parent may be the best parent on earth and raise their kids with respect to authority and so on. But since our children spend more time around others in school alone than they do their own family, it is very easy for them to fall into the greed and attitude trap. More and more children have this attitude than in any previous generation, and the failure of some parents to instill good morals and respect in their kids easily carries over into the children who are being raise in a moralistic respectful household.

      I hope I’m making sense. Just got up and on my first cup of coffee…. Basically, it’s a numbers game. A larger percentage of kids are spoiled and bratty now, therefore it is much easier for a well-raised child to succumb to this than it has been in the past.

      Without being in this household, it’s hard to determine. I have a feeling that this father and mother both work hard at instilling proper morals and values in their daughter. But since she is surrounded by more bratty kids than we were when we were teens, then the odds are greater that she will develop that attitude independently of the household attitude.

      I was raised in a home with guns, but also took a course in guns (the mechanics, etc) as an extra curricular activity outside of normal school hours. I did so because I simply wanted to know more about guns. I have a strong feeling that this household has the same gun management and philosophy we held. Guns were locked up unloaded. And you NEVER ever point a gun at anyone or anything unless you intend on shooting and killing it. They are not toys, not something to show off with, etc. Those people who have the attitude towards guns in their household are almost always not the homes were guns are a problem. It’s the people who illegally buy guns that are the problem. I do believe, however, that there are guns which are legal to own but should not be. I’m not up to date on guns anymore, but unless someone is military, the general public should own nothing more than hunting rifles and handguns (for personal protection). If someone is a gun hobbyist (I’m sure there’s a technical name for someone who does this), and they wish to own more sophisticated arms than the hunting rifle and personal handgun, then they should be required to take a very extensive class in advanced riflery, go through a very extensive background check – which includes an approval from a psychologist or behaviorist of some sort to determine that the person requesting for an “advance arms permit” is psychologically sound to own and use these types of arms. And all costs must be paid out of pocket by the applicant for the permit (no insurance coverage, etc).

      My support for gun ownership may sound contradictory for me because I am a firm hater of any violence, especially war. When I was around 12 years old, I was with my parents at some event put on by one of our local organizations which my parents were a member of. I don’t recall the event, some bingo fundraiser and pot luck something-or-other put on to raise money for whatever the cause was. But this was shortly before Thanksgiving and they had a turkey shoot with the prize being some huge frozen turkey. It was simple, pay $x to get 5 shots at a bullseye target with a BB gun or pellet gun of some sort and if you hit the bulls-eye, you win a frozen turkey. Well, my only gun handling experience at that time was shooting soda cans in our back yard with a BB gun – and I had done very very little at that time. But went ahead and tried the turkey shoot. On my very first shot, I hit the bulls-eye dead on. That’s when I realized I enjoyed target shooting, and then signed up for the extracurricular gun management class after that. I never really ever picked up target shooting, and was never a hunter, but I still enjoyed that class and am glad I took it.

      I am still a firm believer that guns don’t kill people, it’s the people holding the gun that kills people.

      (boy, did I ramble on or what….)

  5. Guns are designed specifically to kill … not as ornaments, and not for target practice. They were designed as weapons.. allowing any tom, dick or harry to have one is just plain madness.. It is, of course people who kill but why give them something that’s so easy to kill with?
    Why do people need guns for protection? To protect themselves from other people who have guns? IT’s just ridiculously easy to buy a gun in the USA.. madness absolute madness that someone can get a gun through mail order! a gun! somehting that is specifically designed to kill.
    We manage pretty well over here in the UK without them as does most of Europe I believe and gun crime is still comparitively rare.
    2nd rant over 🙂 . . I like your blog 😉

    • Thanks so much, Hellen (is it Hellen? or am I incorrect in pulling that out of hellenjc?)

      I understand your dislike for guns, and because of large amount of idiocy occurring now from legal gun owners here in the states, my support for gun ownership is not as strong as it used to be. At one time I legally carried a .38 for personal protection as I would travel the country by myself (driving cross country) frequently. Thankfully, I never had to use it other than going to a shooting range. But I stopped carrying it over nearly 20 years ago as I was more fearful of someone taking it from me to use on me than I was in using it on someone.

      In the hands of responsible and educated owners, proper gun control is maintained. It’s the idiots out there who give gun ownership a bad name. But most of the killing which occurs from guns are actually done by non-legal gun owners.

      I see both sides of the coin here, and I will never own a gun again. But I was raised around them in a family that was more than responsible. They were absolutely NOT a toy and were locked up at all times. When I was a young child, there was no way I could access any of them, except for the BB gun us kids had. And we lived out in the country with 100 acres of land and woods. We only shot the BB gun at soda cans for target practice. Well, once I accidentally hit the window in the barn behind the fence I had the can sitting on. After Dad found out, well, I never made that mistake again.

      Also, because all of us kids were raised with guns being acceptable, not taboo, but also raised with a huge amount of respect towards them, and most of our friends families were the same way, then a gun wasn’t something any of us desired to pull out and show off to our friends.

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