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The Look on Michele Bachmann’s Face: Priceless

Heeeeeere's Bachmann!

Just the other day, Michele Bachmann was interviewed by CNN’s Candy Crowley. Candy made the fatal mistake of assuming Michele Bachmann could think independently of male Republican propaganda.

“Where are the women,” said Crowley to Bachmann regarding the male-dominated debate on contraception in a TPM post.

To which Bachmann replied:

“The Republican Party is extremely pro-woman,” adding that “the new contraception law is showing the people Obamacare in 3D.”

This just goes to show that Michele is nothing more than the token woman for the GOP, and completely coached on what to say. No woman in their right mind would accept this Republican-created “birth control panel,” which is entirely male-based – three of which are priests, as a proper representation in a major decision towards women’s health.

Oh, and by the way… just what does Michele mean by “3D”? I am not familiar with this term. New trend? Or is Michele just making something up in an attempt to appear to have something in that black void between her ears….

In the video below is footage from a debate last summer. The look on Michele Bachmann’s face is priceless when she is asked a direct question about being submissive to her husband. She was actually speechless for several moments. I guess miracles do occur.

Oh, and if you have not heard, after Michele pulled from the primaries, she decided to become a consultant and is now up for hire. Check out my previous post if you have not read it yet: Michele Bachmann Now For Hire

Source: Addicting Info


  1. I thought she was running for re-election in her district?
    I would also really like to understand how she or any of the other Republican candidates think the views they embrace are good ideas.
    I don;t mean that sarcastically, and haven’t been able to phrase the question correctly yet, but I honestly don;t
    understand how their philosophy evolved.

    And I love the Bachmann/The Shining pic above!

    • LOL… yeah, a “precious” pic of Michele in all her glory. Gotta love photoshop.

      I understand completely where you’re coming from. Their radical views just have to be purely as an opposition to Obama and the Democratic Party. No one in their right mind would favor and support so many ideas which threaten our country’s progression of women’s health.

      • Yes, but wouldn’t they have better luck playing against Obama instead of playing to the basest parts of the country?
        I mean, how is that a good strategy?

        • It isn’t a good strategy at all. It appears as though they did not think this one through at all. Although they keep attempting to target Obama and his health care reform plans, those attempts fail as it is the women that are effected so strongly.

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