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The Republican’s War Against Women | Hey, Fair is Fair Here…

LOVE this photoshopped image! Found this on a site called, SnarkySnatch, and it is just perfect! Hey, fair is fair. If only…. (sigh).

Ladies – and men who support women’s rights – a war has started by the Republicans which will set us back hundreds of years. Time to stand firm and let the public hear your voice. I am woman, hear me roar!



  1. You KNOW things would be different if men had uteri.

    The GOP has gone way off track with their focus on women and it’s going to sink them in November. People want jobs and a decent economy, not gestapo in their bedrooms.

    • I think they’ve purposely gone off track to distract people from the fact that the economy is getting better. Slowly, but it’s improving – even with the Republicans doing all they can to keep that from happening. Although I think this smokescreen has backfired and is making it worse for them rather than helping.

  2. Absolutely delighted that you found this!!! I’m starting to feel some cautious optimism that the far right wing has made a critical error by going nationally public with their true views about what they really believe should be the subservient roles of women in their definition of what our society should be like. As they continue to make it well known that they believe that what goes on in a woman’s uterus is not to be decided by her, but instead by their laws, which are designed to take away all her rights concerning what goes on inside her own body, including restricting her access to birth control, and even to the point of forcing her to have her rapist’s baby – well, they may find themselves losing supporters and voters in droves, and hang themselves with their own rope!

  3. ewwwwww…but we know that they’d change their tune if this were the case…which shows their complete lack of empathy, or the brainpower with which to make logical connections. continue…

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