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Crazy Cats | Animated Gif’s

Since I posted earlier about “Dog,” the motorcycle riding dog, I figured I should give some equal time to our feline friends as well.

Here are some hilarious animated gif’s of cats just being cats. The third one down is my favorite. And what’s the deal about cats standing up like they are here on the hind legs? I don’t recall ever seeing any of my cats doing this.







  1. I am ROFL here, I am imagining that last one as a Guard of some kind…while the cats sneak behind him. LOL I have not seen cats standing like that either!

  2. hehehehe. pretty sure my (rescue) Persian has opposable dew claws. Biatch always cheats at poker.
    Of course the ‘Cat Rodeo’ at 4:00 am is also a joy -eye roll-…. leave no piece of furniture unpummeled, crazy runs from one side of the house to the other, and after 20 minutes a big-ass jump on to my belly.

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