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President Obama’s March Madness NCAA Full Bracket Picks

Today, President Obama revealed his picks for this year’s bracket for the NCAA basketball tournament. His Final Four are too “safe” for my taste, although the rest of his picks are not bad. Obama’s bracket is shown further down this posting. For his Final Four, Obama chose:

South bracket: #1 Seeded Kentucky
West bracket: #2 Seeded Missouri
East bracket: #2 Seeded Ohio State
Midwest bracket: #1 Seeded UNC

President Obama’s picks for The Championship Game: #1 Kentucky versus #1 UNC

President Obama’s pick for the National Champion: #1 UNC

Historically, here are the years that two #1 seeds made it to the championship game. This has happened six times:

•  1982 North Carolina defeated Georgetown
•  1993 North Carolina defeated Michigan
•  1999 Connecticut defeated Duke
•  2005 North Carolina defeated Illinois
•  2007 Florida defeated Ohio State
•  2008 Kansas defeated Memphis

And don’t forget, last year in 2011, there were NO #1 seeds in the Final Four:

2011 – Connecticut – #3 (champion), Kentucky – #4, Butler – #8, Virginia Commonwealth – #11

Here is President Obama’s 2012 NCAA bracket (click on image to view in full size):


This week, on Tuesday, March 13th, President Obama took British Prime Minister David Cameron to the “First Four” matchup in Dayton, Ohio, between Mississippi Valley State and Western Kentucky. Here is an AP video of some footage taken of their game attendance. Can you imagine? I would so have loved to have been the lucky ones who sat next, or near enough to Obama to actually talk to him. For that matter, I would have loved to have even been in the arena. And honestly, just to be in the same arena watching NCAA men’s basketball with any POTUS would be the thrill of a lifetime.



    • Oh, I’d say about 80-90% were the same. But no way I was picking all #1 and #2 seeds to go to the Final Four. That just rarely happens anymore. There are so many excellent players at the smaller schools now. It’s no longer all about the Big Ten, or schools like Duke anymore.

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