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War on Women Posters | Go F*** Yourself

These beautifully designed pieces or art posters are definitely not for the faint of heart, nor the passive person. They are designed to make a statement to the politicians who feel it is their right to violate a woman’s body with ignorant insane laws. So, just a word of warning, if you are easily offended by language, then these are not for you. Designed by Favianna Rodriguez.

Personally, I love them. After statements by fools like Rush calling women sluts, and male politicians demanding to shove a transvaginal wand up a woman’s vagina, I think that women need to get right back in their faces to let them know we are pissed off and are not going to take this lying down – which is what they were expecting. The images are further down this post as I would briefly like to share an article I just read….

Here is an incredibly well-written recount of a woman who recently had to terminate her pregnancy only weeks after the Texas law came into effect. A must read, especially by those who support these laws. Choosing to abort ones child is not an easy decision to make. It is not like taking out the garbage, which ill-informed close-minded fools believe. A few excerpts:

Halfway through my pregnancy, I learned that my baby was ill. Profoundly so. My doctor gave us the news kindly, but still, my husband and I weren’t prepared. Just a few minutes earlier, we’d been smiling giddily at fellow expectant parents as we waited for the doctor to see us….

Yet now my doctor was looking grim and, with chair pulled close, was speaking of alarming things. “I’m worried about your baby’s head shape,” she said. “I want you to see a specialist—now….

Instead, before I’d even known I was pregnant, a molecular flaw had determined that our son’s brain, spine and legs wouldn’t develop correctly. If he were to make it to term—something our doctor couldn’t guarantee—he’d need a lifetime of medical care. From the moment he was born, my doctor told us, our son would suffer greatly….

My doctor went on to tell us that, just two weeks prior, a new Texas law had come into effect requiring that women wait an extra 24 hours before having the procedure….

[After husband and wife arrive at the surgical clinic] My counselor said that the law required me to have another ultrasound that day, and that I was legally obligated to hear a doctor describe my baby. I’d then have to wait 24 hours before coming back for the procedure. She said that I could either see the sonogram or listen to the baby’s heartbeat, adding weakly that this choice was mine….

“I don’t want to have to do this at all,” I told her. “I’m doing this to prevent my baby’s suffering. I don’t want another sonogram when I’ve already had two today. I don’t want to hear a description of the life I’m about to end. Please,” I said, “I can’t take any more pain….”

You may read the entire story via this link: ‘We Have No Choice’: One Woman’s Ordeal with Texas’ New Sonogram Law

Politicians Off My Pootang (download pdf)


I’m A Slut. I Vote. (download pdf)


It’s My Pussy. It’s My Body. (download pdf)


  1. What happened to that woman as she described it, is just so cruel and so totally wrong! The people who perpetrate these laws are fanatics who have let their fanaticism destroy their ability to be compassionate to women who are suffering, like the women who described the needless ordeal that she was subjected to.

    I think the art is great and the message should be as powerfully blunt as it is in the art. Women in America are being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment by religious fanatics who are taking control of our laws, and they must be stopped!

    • Agreed, 1,000%! Yes, there are women who use abortion as a means of birth control – but that percentage is SO small. The anti-choicers skew the numbers to gain support and all they’re doing is hurting the women like in this story.

  2. Love the posters! I’ve been curious to see when women would awaken to the political power they possess. Will it be in this election?

  3. the word (poo*t****) used there is exceedingly offensive – tho I doubt most folk outside the south realize precisely what it means. In the olden days, it meant in the most offensive terms a black woman’s genitals. The equivalent of saying “N**P***y”.

    • Yes, it is very offensive, which is why the artist used it. What Rush Limbaugh said was very offensive and completely inappropriate. So, in return to Rush as well as all the other people who are pushing bills through that affect women’s reproductive rights, by using very harsh terms in this case shows strength and that we are not fooling around. This means war. Women are stronger than offensive words so calling that student (crap, can’t remember her name) a “slut” really started the momentum to pick up speed and strength. Bring it on, guys… bring it on.

  4. maybe they just hate sluts for being so proud of being a whore and parading it all over the place for impressionable teenagers to see. oh you mean i can sleep with anyone i want to b/c it’s “protected”. oh you mean i can kill people as long as they live in the body that i threw open to some random passerby?
    the only difference b/w a slut and a prostitute is one get’s paid.

  5. Yes it’s time , that women rise up bold & in unison. & be zero tolerance towards any any sort of abuse or bulling that’s happening globally. If you see things happening around you.take action , like it’s your child your family & see the power you’ll get . Especially when you are honest & doing for another innocent human being.

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