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AZ Rep. Debbie Lesko (R) Crashes Democratic Press Conference

On Wednesday, March 21st, Arizona state Democratic lawmakers organized a news conference to discuss Debbie Lesko’s HB 2625 which allows any employer to opt out of providing contraception to their employees based upon their own religious beliefs. There has been a large outcry over this House Bill not only in Arizona but throughout the entire United States as the War on Women grows more heated every day.

Sen. Linda Lopez, D-Tucson, called the bill “asinine” and described Republican lawmakers supporting the bill as “Rush Limbaugh Republicans” with “fundamentalist, Taliban-like religious beliefs.”

” ‘Tea party’ Republicans are launching an all-out attack on women’s health and women’s rights,” Lopez said.

Then Debbie Lesko – unannounced and uninvited – stepped up to the mike to defend her bill. This move of a member of one party crashing another party’s news conference was unprecedented until Wednesday. This video of a local news coverage shows Debbie at the mike, and at one point her voice starts cracking with emotion.

Well, cry me a river, Debbie. You stand up there calling Democrats and those opposed to your bill a bunch of “liars,” and that the bill does not require employees to divulge their personal medical information. The news team showed otherwise.

Personally, I am more opposed to this bill because you are blatantly stepping on the First Amendment for all employees in your state by allowing employers to force their own religious beliefs directly upon the people who work for them.

As Jamie Raskin, professor of law at American University, once stated to a senator, “When you took your oath of office, you placed your hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution. You did not place your hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible.”

Debbie, you are clearly enforcing your biblical beliefs upon the citizens of your state. You are not fit for office and I certainly hope Arizonians realize this and vote you out when you come up for re-election.

For more details about Debbie Lesko, the bills she has sponsored, including one which contradicts her HB 2625, please read my Open Letter to AZ Rep. Debbie Lesko RE: HB 2625.

This War on Women has to stop! The government is attempting to control what we can and cannot do with our bodies. Please… STAY OUT OF MY UTERUS!

Source: The Arizona Republic and AZ Central



  1. It comes down to this: is the US a secular state, where one wing of Christian believers – about twenty percents of the US population – dictates rights and morals to other branches of Christianity and religions, or, are we a secular state, in which all voices and opinions are heard, and their is an attempt to find a middle ground.

    • Right on, Barb! Freedom of religion, pure and simple. The government should never pass a bill which allows any employers to make decisions based upon their religion which directly affect their employees.

      • I like This Rep. She is fantastic. I don’t believe in murdering babies todo what I please with my body. Those who have sex should take responsibility for the outcome…babies.

  2. It is very simple to me. Either Republican leaders are deliberately anti-woman OR they are just plaid stupid and don’t realize that what they are doing is anti-American.

    • Agreed 1,000%! I was thinking about this earlier… that our elected gov’t officials are supposed to protect our rights, which includes our freedom of religion. But now, they have done a Mitt and flip-flopped entirely and are pushing religious beliefs and laws based upon religious beliefs on the citizens thus taking away our First Amendment rights. They were elected to protect the constitution, not spit on it and burn it like a piece of garbage.

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  4. The Committee of the Whole just passed HB2625. It’s now okay for your employer and/or insurance company to refuse to cover contraceptives based on their personal moral convictions. Viagra, still okay.

  5. I am strongly opposed to bill HB 2625. It’s just another way that government puts it’s controls where they do not belong. I am a strong republican , but very pro RoeV Wade. Government has no place in dictating what women do with their bodies. The 5 states that have put such ridiculous prohibitions on abortions on the books are taking us back to the dark ages. Shame on all of them !!!!!!!

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