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Texas Observer’s April 2012 “Politics Becomes Personal” Cover Raises Eyebrows

Does this picture below make you uncomfortable? It should, and I hope it does because sometimes, the truth is not pretty. Progressive media outlet The Texas Observer is raising eyebrows all over the internet with its new cover, a graphic for the story “Politics Become Personal: Texas Lawmakers Have Made Themselves Part of Women’s Most Difficult Decisions.”

The story comes on the heels of the major changes Texas lawmakers have passed regarding women’s healthcare, and follows Carolyn Jones’ first person account of getting an abortion after the passage of HB-15, published by the Observer on March 15th.

The Texas Observer perfectly captures the pattern we’re seeing across the country of extreme government overreach into women’s lives. Politicians are forcing themselves between women and doctors by passing restrictive bills that decide what is “best” for women and their families. They just don’t get it. Reproductive health decisions are between a woman and her doctor. Period.

By the way, if you have not read the story, ” ‘We Have No Choice’: One Woman’s Ordeal with Texas’ New Sonogram Law” about Carolyn Jones’ experience with having to abide by the new HB-15, you should. Extraordinary story, well-written in a factual yet personal manner. Carolyn and her husband were looking forward to the birth of their new baby – but discovered the child had a very serious defect that would forever cause him to suffer if he survived at birth…..


  1. Wow. That cover really tells it like it is. It’s uncomfortable in the extreme and makes me cross my legs a little tighter. I hope it affects the lunatic conservatives the same way and makes everyone stop and think about what’s going on.

    By the time I got to “Politicians are forcing themselves between women …” my mind was racing ahead and filled in “… forcing themselves between women’s legs …”

    I haven’t the words to describe how I feel about those people!! (And it’s probably just as well I don’t try.)

  2. I just read Carolyn Jone’s story (thanks for link) and was on the verge of tears for her ordeal. This is a serious wall of contempt they’ve constructed to hassle women out of making a choice that is theirs alone. They want to make people have these children yet when the parents are broke or go broke after paying the enormous medical bills et al, and they end up on welfare, the money isn’t there because they’ve cut the budget. It is the most ridiculous form of hypocrisy and I never thought I’d see the day when a government intentionally sets out to cripple their own populace. And I certainly haven’t read about any contingency plans when the number of people on welfare suddenly explodes or seen any republicans expanding the foster care system to accomodate the thousands of new babies being given up at birth. I guess we’ll see what happens in nine months. Are we going to start seeing the rebirth of the back-alley wire-hanger days?

    • “…I never thought I’d see the day when a government intentionally sets out to cripple their own populace” That is an EXCELLENT description of what is going on. Perfect!

      These anti-choicers think that women who decide to have an abortion do so as if they’re trying to decide which melon to pick. It is not that way. Oh, I’m sure there is a very small fraction of a fraction that treat it in this manner, but it’s probably because they come from very harsh background and living a life that is a minute to minute question of survival. In that case, I think it’s better off to not bring the child into those circumstance. Now, if these anti-choicers would use all their ill-spent money to help put up women in such circumstances in a safe place and full medical care during the duration of their pregnancy and adopt out their child when born, that would be money much better spent.

      Anyway… getting back to what I was saying…. Anti-choicers think that women’s choice of an abortion is nonchalant. It isn’t. It is almost always the hardest decision a woman has to make. Then they pour salt on the wound….

      I am glad the OK judge recognized this law for what it is and turned it down. We need more reasonable, common sense people like that in politics.

      • I’ve been there. It wasn’t a flip decision. It was what I had to do at the time. I have four beautiful girls and I have them because I can take care of them the way I wanted to, not because I was forced to. I agree with you that for some it may be a product of their environment. But every woman needs to have that choice. I feel enough shame, I didn’t need a system to make me absolutely sure I was making the right decision and try to “talk” me out of it. If more states pass laws like this then we have truly begun a new Dark Age. OK was a glimmer of hope.

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