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AZ Gov. Jan Brewer Now Plays God over Women’s Bodies

Question: When is a woman who’s not pregnant actually pregnant?

Answer: When she lives in Arizona.

Arizona made big strides today in its quest to be one of the absolute worst places to be a woman—or to even have a woman in your family. Governor Jan Brewer signed into law the hideous bill, HB 2036, that redefines a pregnancy as beginning at two weeks before conception. It now appears that Jan Brewer feels like playing God and deciding for every woman in the state of Arizona exactly when they became pregnant.

This is the earliest in any state. The law effectively bans abortions after 20 weeks gestational age—err, 18 weeks if you’re using the old counting system—except in cases of medical emergency. As draconian as it sounds, it shouldn’t change much since very few of those abortions are even performed in the state at the moment. The two-week rule is a way doctors use to estimate when a pregnant woman conceived in order to approximate when the baby will be born.

What will change, thanks to the very richly named Women’s Health and Safety Act, is that medication-induced abortions will become much harder to come by. The law requires that doctors prescribing medications for non-surgical abortions have hospital privileges within 30 miles of where the procedure takes place. Most women either take the pills at home or at a clinic, which often are not within 30 miles of a hospital. This will prevent providers from caring for women, and Elizabeth Nash of the Guttmacher Institute says this will effectively be a “shutdown” of medication abortions. Now might be the time to take your uterus and run, people of Arizona.

The law “disregards women’s health in a way I’ve never seen before,” said Center for Reproductive Rights’ state advocacy counsel, Jordan Goldberg. “The women of Arizona can’t access medical treatment that other women can.”

Between Brewer and AZ Rep. Debbie Lesko, who brought forth HB 2625 allowing employers to opt out of birth control coverage for their employees based upon their own personal religious beliefs, Arizona is now the only state where two women have joined forces to make life more difficult for all the women in their state. Brewer and Lesko, you are a disgrace to our gender.

Now, if a woman is “pregnant” two weeks before she becomes pregnant, than any fertile woman—-including those currently menstruating!—-should really be considered pregnant. So, technically by law, I could now be pregnant. After all, we don’t know the future. We don’t know that any non-pregnant woman couldn’t be pregnant two weeks from now, making her retroactively pregnant now. Considering that it’s anti-choice nuts we’re talking about, it’s safe to assume that they’d simply prefer a situation where all women of reproductive age are considered to be pregnant, on the grounds that they could be two weeks from now.

But what angers me most about this bill is the fact that, once again, a governor has put her personal religious beliefs in front of the constitution. I am beginning to feel like an old scratched vinyl record constantly replaying, “What has happened to separation of church and state? And freedom of religion?” Due to her religious background and upbringing, she is putting her dislike of abortion first before the Constitution’s “Freedom of Religion.”

Another official who put her hand on the Constitution and swore to uphold the bible rather than placing her hand on the bible swearing to uphold the Constitution.


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  1. It throws us back to the old days when, if a woman couldn’t get an abortion in her own state, she had to travel elsewhere. And it condemns the women who can’t afford to travel to pregnancies they don’t want and can’t afford. I’ll never understand how anyone, especially women, can deliberately do this to other people. Imposing their religious beliefs on others, while denying others the opportunity to exercise their own beliefs, and all of it in direct denial of science and good medical practice (not to mention the Constitution) — where does it end?

  2. Sounding off from AZ ~ Sorry – my wife and I (and a bunch of friends) vote against these ass-hats all the time. We just have too many damned ‘retirees’ and ‘cowboys’ messing things up where stupid is the new smart!

  3. I feel for women in Arizona and other places with similar laws. It seems this problem simply won’t get sorted while there are so many right wingers around.

  4. I can’t imagine ever living in AZ again…. and I used to love it there, well northern Arizona anyways, the liberal part 🙂 [Yes, unbelievable as it may be, there is indeed a liberal part of Arizona.]

    • I could see that up around Flagstaff. It’s so beautiful up there. LOL… stopped at the truck stop on the way through on night. Slept in the back of my van for a few hours, and woke up to 8 inches of snow. That was real fun trying to get out of there in that van.

      • Yep, Flagstaff was what I was refering to. Lived there for a dozen or so years, graduated from the univresity there, etc.

        Yeah, you can really get dumped on with snow sometimes. My first year there they had record snowfall, closed the interstate for a few days. But I did love it there.

  5. The passage of this law is naked insanity. Governor Brewer and any legislator who voted to pass the law should be locked up and held until a comprehensive evaluation of their sanity can be concluded. And whoever wrote this law should be crucified on the altar of the largest Catholic church in the state!

  6. I ask myself repeatedly why I still live here. Answer: Can’t wait until my kids finish high school so I can get the hell out of here!

    • Sorry… it is such a beautiful state, too. Well, not sure how long until the graduate, but maybe by then an election will have passed and all those idiots will have been voted out so you can stay!

      • Well, at least we are in the headlines. 😉 And it is a beautiful state although I do miss my home state of Iowa. I will never get my husband to move there, however. He says it’s too cold. This am it was 47 here in Tucson so it feels like home…a bit! I could use a little more water and a new governor!

        • Iowa is bitter cold in the winter. Just like my home state on Indiana. Those damn winds across the fields coming down from Canada…. plus we’d get the lake-affect snow from Lake Michigan.

          It’s 43 this morning now as I type this, almost noon. Some front came through so it’s colder than normal. But this won’t last long.

          Tucson… went there once, and only about 30 minutes. LOL… had a friend (a younger guy/kid) go there with some of his friends on some road trip, and they dumped him. Literally. So I, and my hubbie at the time, drove all the way down there to “rescue” him. Twit…

          But when driving in from NM, it is desert…desert…desert… then suddenly GREEN! (golf course) I just had to chuckle because is went from brown to green just as soon as we crested a hill or came around a curve. Then it was like a little oasis in the desert.

          One of these days I would like to go back for photography reasons. I’m sure there’s a ton of old west, native, and mission stuff to see. But definitely won’t go during the summer months. My camera would probably melt.

          A bit off the topic here… do you have kids? If so, do they play soccer?

        • Lots of cool stuff you could snap, yes. Come during monsoon time in the summer and you could get some great photos of the lightning playing around the saguaros!
          My girls used to play soccer when they were still young enough when I could make them. Alas, they are teens now and have their own ideas of fun. My oldest is a runner and the other 3 girls think exercise is a dirty word! I play tennis but when I drag them out to the court it sucks all the fun out of it. Teenagers! 🙂

        • LOL…just wondered. The company I work for handles the hotel reservations for sporting tournaments and the Ahwatukee Soccer Fest is one of them. There are a ton of teams that come up from Tucson (to Chandler). That’s why I was curious.

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