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No Access Sex Strike for Women’s Rights

On April 28th, just a few short weeks away, is the march for the War on Women. In every state capitol throughout the country, and perhaps other major cities, women and men alike will unite in a march to protest all these insane bills. Bill which are appearing like cockroaches that allow the state’s governments to gain control over women’s uterus’. Arizona is now taking the cake with the most recent passing of their completely absurd AZ HB 2036 that redefines a pregnancy as beginning at two weeks before conception. So….


If you have not been keeping up with the news, certain politicians and public figures call us names, withhold money from women’s clinics, pass laws that intrude upon our privacy and our bodies, and are even considering making us carry dead fetuses to term, limiting access to birth control pills or allowing our employers to decide for us whether or not the company’s insurance will cover birth control based upon the employers’ religious beliefs. We are outraged!

Well then, if couples have no affordable access to birth control and reproductive medical care, responsible women and men will exercise the only choice they have left – saying “NO” to the ones they love.

If you are married, or in a relationship with one of these troglodyte buffoon’s, then ladies, hit ’em where it hurts – right between their legs. And we don’t mean physically hit them, but cross your legs and say, “Sorry, no access.”

It’s already happened:



Source: No Access Sex Strike


    • (snort) Yes, I suppose they will. (And yes, I did snort when I read your comment). Thing is, I am fairly certain I do not get a lot of conservative traffic on this site. So most of the women visiting here have no need to hold back on their hubbies. But hoping that, via the great internet grapevine, word will get out to those who need to know this. And even if a conservatives wife cows down to their master, hopefully she’ll have a sudden outbreak of migraines for several days – all conveniently hitting around bedtime.

      • Those damn headaches — hmmm, maybe that’s where that terrible aspirin joke comes from.

        Since I know a few conservative housewives (church and all that), I don’t think they necessarily cowtow to their husbands on issues like this. Rather, I think many of them are far more pro-life than their hubbies. The most vocal pro-life group in Utah is the Eagle Forum run by Gayle Ruzika and her phone tree. Not many official members, but their voting block is huge and mostly conservative, LDS women who dictate to their husbands what their opinions will be ( I’ll be marching in SLC against the War on Women, but I suspect all the counter protesters here will also be women.

        • Good for you!!!! That’s great you are marching! I’m sure that your numbers are a bit less there in LDS territory. I’ll be in Santa Fe, too. Crap, reminds me… I need to create and order a t-shirt to wear. Since I carry so much camera gear, I can’t carry a sign – so I wear mine.

  1. Have to do a google to see if there’s a march in Reno…. not that many denizens here are literate enough to read about the situration -face palm-.
    thansk for the info

  2. I’ve been on a sex strike with my husband since March 16th! I make him work for it! We’re both attending the Rally in Baltimore on April 28th. Our partners enjoy our sexual freedom as much as we do, time they put their money where there mouth is– so to speak… 🙂

  3. LOL well…luckily I’m married to a guy who is totally supportive of our perspective so he’s getting laid tonight 😉

  4. I think it should be for a month. I proposed this (along with many other women) about a month ago. If no birth control is available to women, abstinence is the only way! Some republicans suggested this, by the way. Let’s go with their suggestion!

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