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New Video: Ultimate CAT Tease

Remember the “Ultimate Dog Tease”? It is the video of the talking dog who was upset he didn’t get the meat and bacon – but the cat did – that went completely, enormously, gigantically viral. And for once, it was well deserved. Well, now the Ultimate Cat Tease has been released. Honestly, though, that cat part in the first half is rather (yawn) slow… but the second half featuring the guinea pig. Here it is, so you decide.

I have also included the original “Ultimate Dog Tease” below if you have not seen it. It honestly is the best talking dog video made. As of time of publishing this post, there are 103,216,381 hits – and I’m sure at least a hundred are from me. Now… where’s the bacon?

Ultimate Cat Tease


Ultimate Dog Tease



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