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Happy Birthday to Motley News! One Year Old Today!!

What a year this has been for me and blogging. One year ago today I never expected to go where I have now gone in the blogosphere. I actually started a few attempts with Blogger and tumblr. Both sites were named after one of my dogs, “Dork”, who is a “lethal white” Aussie. Born completely deaf and blind in one eye, he is a genetic failure due to breeding a merle to a merle patterned dogs. I will still occasionally post an image on tumblr.


In early 2011, during the Egyptian uprising, I was creating videos from news clips of Egypt and Libya, putting to music, and uploading to YouTube. Primarily for learning purposes. Editing, keying, masking, yada yada yada. I befriended another YouTuber who was doing the same out of Canada. Eventually, his videos and chatting back and forth led me to his WordPress blog. In wanting to “Like” one of his posts, I had to create a login, so I did. I had that for a few months and finally decided, “What the hell,” and decided to make one more attempt at blogging.

The Happy Dance

Thus was born Motley News

The original name of this site was “In Search of the Truth.” But I didn’t like it. I love the news, but also like stories of interest, humor, photography, and dogs. A variety. So started Googling synonyms to “variety” and found motley. Hmmmm… kinda like the ring to that. And Motley News was born.

mot·ley   [mot-lee] adjective

1. exhibiting great diversity of elements: a motley crowd. Synonyms: heterogenous, varied, diverse, mixed, assorted, sundry; incongruous, disparate, diversified, dissimilar, divergent. Antonyms: homogeneous, uniform, identical; similar, like.

2. being of different colors combined: a motley flower border. Synonyms: parti-colored, multicolored, variegated, polychromatic; pied, piebald, mottled, dappled. Antonyms: monochromatic; solid.  [From]

WordPress Blogging Addiction

As I’m sure all blogs do, my site has certainly changed from what it was like when I started to now. Immediately upon my first post, I was addicted! The stats page is what locked it in for me. I became completely and utterly fascinated with watching the numbers. Not necessarily from an egotistical standpoint, but because people-watching fascinates me (but we all do love and hope we get tons of hits – come on, admit it). I love analyzing what types of posts brought traffic, what didn’t.

The google search results were/are completely intriguing – and I know I’m not the only one here as I have read several bloggers posts about the odd search results that come to their site. I find the spam more interesting and the one that always cracks me up is “…love your site, and have bookmarked it….” Bookmarked it? Hmmmm… if it’s that great, why don’t you SUBSCRIBE! Oh, yeah… because you’re not human.

Shy? Who? Me???? Nawww…..

For months, nearly all my posts were copy and paste of what was in the news. I was a bit shy and definitely not confident at all in my writing skills, and I also didn’t want to offend anyone (yeah, you can all chuckle now at that one).

Over time, my shyness wore off, and I decided that I’m not writing to win a Pulitzer Prize for Journalism. With gaining frequently I started voicing my own opinions and summaries. I am most definitely a progressive liberal and an activist who firmly believes in equal rights. Now, I never publish a post that is a copy/paste. Especially with the primaries and all the b.s. going on in our country and government, there’s sooooo much good stuff to rant about these days.

It’s a Motley World

I also created another site only about dogs called, “Doggie Bloggie.” It’s still there, but I no longer post on it because in September, I decided to go Basically, I built a little mini “Motley empire” after I bought the domains, and I moved Doggie Bloggie to Motley Dogs. I was active on them all at first, but right now they’re in limbo as I’m going to redesign all three. The fewer posts I have to go through to tweak, the better. I’ve started on Motley Dogs, but have a long way to go. I’ve been a bit busy building some business sites for other people in addition to working a full-time job.

So, here are some stats and facts about Motley News.

• Total number of posts: 939 including this post

• Total views since the birth of Motley News: 494,422

• Hits on my busiest day: 55,812
(This is because I had an Occupy Wall Street photo which someone posted the link to on Reddit.)

Top five posts:

Number 1: Home page 86,207 hits

Number 2: More dramatic photos from Occupy Wall Street NY | Occupy Wall Streets spreads to San Francisco 38,974
(Naturally because of that Reddit link)

Number 3: Ultimate Dog Tease: Viral video of talking dog who didn’t get his meat… but the cat did…   12,428 hits

Number 4: Miscellany Vol. 1   12,428 hits

Number 5: Occupy Wall Street organizing all over the US… and WORLD!   8,827 hits

Currently, I average between 3,000 to 4,000 hits per day, although lately I’ve been surpassing the 4k mark. My post “Can You Solve This Problem?” has been very popular since publishing. I guess a lot of people aren’t able to solve it so they’re googling for the answer.

An interesting fact about one of my posts:

Insomnia, currently with 4,235 hits. Nearly every morning when I get up and check my stats, this is in the top 3 posts hit over night. Man… I can feel your pain, insomniacs. I was suffering from a horrible case of insomnia the night I published that one.

Top five searches that come to Motley News:

Number 1:  “funny pictures with captions” 5,562
(I have learned that good titles to images can really increase the traffic to a site. I have nearly 13,000 hits from Google image search alone.)

Number 2:  “costa concordia” 4,380

Number 3:  “insomnia” 2,068
(See… told ya so)

Number 4:  “lt. john pike” 1,384
(Remember, the pepper spray cop. I posted a lot of his memes)

Number 5:  “red hot chili peppers” 1,373

Some interesting search terms that I’m not sure why they come to Motley News:

• mum
• tap water
• the word will not destroyed
• candy
• самые длинные ногти (translation: the longest fingernails) Actually, I have a post about the longest fingernails, but thought it was interesting that there are so many searched in Russian… ??

Well, there you have it. The evolution of Motley News in a rather large nutshell, perhaps a walnut… ?? Hope you hung in there and made it to this point.

One last item I really want to mention here at my closing… When I first started blogging on, I knew nothing about the blogging community. Then around October last year, I started checking out other sites, subscribing, and several did so in return. It was then I realized that I ADORE the WP blogging community even more than blogging itself.

So… Cheers! Here’s to a hopefully wonderful second year of Motley News! (crap, that reminds me… I need to renew my domain…)



    • It’s boring… copy/paste. You can read what was in the news on Huffington Post and other such stuff, I suppose.

      And it’s an incredible honor to know you too, EG.

    • It was the images, I’m telling ya. Especially when I started posting Occupy images. Then the funnies I always label with “funny photo caption…” in the title, plus a bit what it’s about like, “funny photo caption dog riding in pickup.” Basically, I think about what I would use as a search to find an image like that and use it.

    • Also, remember these are nearly all one-hit numbers. People come for one visit and are gone. I am aiming for subscribers giving me these hits. I want return readers both in and outside of the WP community.

    • LOL, thanks Aaron. I, too, love your posts. I just wish you could post more stories about your special needs students. They are so special and wonderful to read about. And tending/teaching them is not for the faint of heart – you deserve huge kudos every day. Actually, just teaching in general now since so many obstacles have risen up in teachers’ paths, including huge funding cuts. So stupid!

  1. Very impressive…I’m celebrating an anniversary too! April 2012 marks my third year of blogging on WordPress! I’m closing in on 300 posts, have tallied about 33,000 hits, and my best day happened when about 1100 visited my site because of a post I wrote about turtles and WordPress Freshly Pressed the story! Other than that…blogging gives me a structure to best publish whatever I do that has value as art. I don’t belong to other social media platforms and somehow can’t get myself to do Facebook, although I remain open to it. I kind of like the idea that those that find me do so because of serendipity. I do write another blog documenting what happens in the art studio/gallery I direct for adults with developmental disabilities (my day job), but I’m not as consistent there as I used to be. I definitely feel I can be on the computer too much. What I like best about your site(s), (perhaps others do as well?) is your spirit that rings through them. I visit many blogs, but that quality doesn’t always shine in those other sites. Somehow, triangulated through your various blogs and interests your “attitude” steps forward. Congratulations and may you enjoy many more years of blogging!

    • Why, thank you so much! I am very humbled by your words. LOL… but I do have to chuckle about my “attitude” stepping forward. Yes, it can from time to time. Especially when I feel there is wrong-doing from one party to another (not meaning political party, but party in general – altho political is included). Especially the war on women and anything with dogs. Actually, I never really thought about it until now, but I just rather realized I do not like “weaker” groups, people, whatever, being picked on or controlled by the stronger. Especially of the stronger more powerful are a bunch of oafs. But, like I mentioned in my post, I really did not start speaking out until just the past few months.

      I do so adore your site! Of course, being located in the area of the country I grew up in was one of the immediate items that jumped out at me, and the photography. Then after I started reading the story line you create with the photos and your treasures you find along the river, I was caught… hook, line and sinker.

      I really do think you should publish a book of all that you’ve photographed and written. So uniquely and wildly creative. I’d buy it in a heartbeat. But I only do “real” books – no Kindle or the like. Something about the paper in my hands…..

      Again, thanks for the wonderful things you said. I am humbled and actually rather surprised that there are some people who actually like to return to my blog…..

      Hopefully one of these days I’ll be Freshly Pressed. But if not, that’s okay. I really didn’t even know about it until a month or so ago…. 😀

  2. WOW! First Michelle, happy anniversary/birthday. what numbers you put up girrrl. no wonder you’re addicted, and how do you manage to answer all the comments??? write blogs, do the wonderful doggie thing etc. next, and most importantly, you are a terrific writer and conduit of so much valuable info. i salute you pal. i feel as if i actually know you and i guess that’s part of what makes WP so cool. xo continue…

    • Aw, shucks, Tony. I salute YOU! You have talent extraordinaire that I can only dream of and read what you pen (or type as it is now). But thank you so much. It truly does mean a LOT to me.

      How do I do all this? I literally – and I mean the true definition of literally – I literally am on the computer from the moment I get up, until I fall asleep. Which lately I’ve been falling asleep at my computer only to wake up after while and go to bed. When I’m not slammed at work, I will jump on and at least read the new posts. On a rare occasion, I can slip in a quick post. Usually something easy and fast, like funnies.

      As you know, I hate my job and really want to be able to leave that place, so I’ve been working on my upcoming sites for doggie designs as well as working on the doggie graphics. Hopefully I will eventually be able to draw in enough money to leave my current job – and hopefully Obamacare won’t be yanked and I can then pick up my own insurance – without denial of any preexisting condition.

      Okay, I’m to that point I need to go to bed. I’m dozing off while trying to type this reply. Hmmm… I’ll have to reread in the morning so I can entertain myself with finding all my typos and nonsensical errors.


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