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The Parting Shot for April 20, 2012

Had a special request tonight from silentlyheardonce for, “A handsome well built man….”
Well, what’d you expect? Brad Pitt? This site isn’t GQ.
I can’t guarantee the man in this photo is handsome, but he is steaming-hot!

Photo credit: Eugeniu Sclifos
Photo source:


    • LOL… no problem. I always have to post something either very striking, humorous, or different. At first, I was thinking of this guy I’ve been saving to post who is covered with tattoo’s… bones, tendons, his scalp is tatted like a brain. Very very weird… but incredible work. Then decided to find something a bit more sultry.

  1. Just heard from Mitt Romney…If you continue to publish this pornographic trash you will receive a midnight visit from Rush Limbaugh! Naughty naughty woman!

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