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Find the Lie in the List of Truths about Me

Okay, I am jumping aboard The Hobbler’s game “Lie to Me” where I must post 7 things about myself… six of which are true and one being a lie.

You are to determine which is the lie. Now some of you may recognize a few of the truths in my list since I have talked about them before – but that just eliminates a few truths. So you still have to figure out which is the lie.

Here goes (sigh)….

1. I have been hang gliding.

2. I have held on to the dorsal fin of a dolphin while it pulled me through the water.

3. I have done a photo shoot for Playboy Magazine.

4. I “did it” on the 50-yard line at Purdue’s Ross Ade Stadium.

5. I have stood at the lowest point in the continental United States.

6. I have stood at the highest point in the continental United States.

7. I went on a date with Ed O’Neil (the actor who played Al Bundy in “Married with Children).

Well, there you go. I have told a lie. And I’m the one who cut down the cherry tree. It wasn’t George….

Oh, and I’m not sure when I will reveal the lie. Soon… but want to see some comments first.


  1. Gracious ~ you haven’t made this easy:( So.. hmm.. I’m going to challenge, #4 – You ‘did it’ on the 50-yard line. (it was actually the 45-yard line and the ref threw a yellow flag for false-start!).

  2. No way! Those are awesome! I can hardly wait to hear the stories behind the truth. Okay, I will go with #7 as the lie. You are way out of his league. I can hardly wait…

  3. I’m also guessing #4. Was vascillating between #1 and #4, but based on some of the adventures you’ve mentioned before, hang gliding sounds like something you’d have done. (Plus, it’s very popular in Boulder and I know you’ve been climbing up here.) So that just leaves #4.

    • Lol – I was just very carefully considering my answer while you were watching your traffic feed – but as you can see now, while it’s true that I do know some things, I gave nothing away. Lol πŸ™‚

  4. Okay, I’m going to pick # 2. “I have held on to the dorsal fin of a dolphin while it pulled me through the water”. But I don’t have a lot of faith in my choice. It’s just that although I remember that you do have a great video of viewing Orcas from a boat somewhere in the PNW, I don’t recall you ever mentioning being in a more tropical place, which is usually where people go dolphin riding. But just because I don’t recall you mentioning visiting the tropics or sub tropics doesn’t mean that you never did – but # 2 is still going to be my choice for the thing that isn’t true.

  5. I’m going with number 3 (the Playboy shoot) based upon your psychological profile which I spent about five minutes forming from the few blog posts I’ve read. We’ll see! LOL!

  6. Well, I don’t know you at all and just started following recently, but I will also say #3 (Playboy shoot) just because (with all humor intended) I don’t think your boobs look big enough in your profile pic.

  7. Hmmm. this is pretty much impossible.. from what I know about your politics I would say that you wouldn’t have done THAT sort of photoshoot for Playboy… but I think that’s a red herring because I suspect you may have done a photoshoot for a different sort of article in PLayboy ! ( of course you may have done it when you were young and have regretted it since…hmmm ???? )
    Okay I’m going with NO 2 just because I don’t approve of such antics so I’m hoping it’s not true!

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