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Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann Co-Sponsor Yet Another Anti-Abortion Bill

I tell you, the Republicans are like bloody Chinese Water Torture. You know the deal… where the victim is completely immobilized, especially their head, and a drip is started dead-center in the middle of their forehead. Sure, a few dozen is no big deal. Might even feel good. But after several thousand, it makes the victim border on insanity.

The Republican Party is out to do everything they can to remove women’s abortion rights without having to overturn Roe v Wade – which they cannot do. That sense of powerlessness must be like Chinese water torture to them as they are now bordering insanity by carelessly influencing our laws with their own personal beliefs.

So, what best to do but attack the women directly. Spineless troglodytes.

The new bill Paul and Bachmann are supporting is called the Stop Abortion Funding in Multi-state Exchange Plans (SAFE) Act. The bill would block any multi-state health plan from offering coverage for elective abortions.

According to Paul and other Republican supporters, making sure federal funding does not go to providing comprehensive women’s health coverage is a necessity despite the fact that federal law already prohibits the use of taxpayer funding for abortion.

My response… do the best we can to tolerate the drip-drip-drip’s (literally) and vote them all out of office on November 5th this year.

(Me, thinking – I know, you smelled something burning, right? “Ron Paul and Bachmann…. Paulie, what the hell are you thinking? Please, return to ending the Fed – now that’s something of yours I will support.”)

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  1. Rolling my eyes here 🙄 I’ll bet these brainless twits spend as much time thinking up their clever little acronymic names as they do writing their regressive bills.

    • Probably do. This really is getting very old. I hope and pray (yes, this ol’ atheist is praying – I suppose that everyone regains common sense) that on Nov 5th, these buffoons will quietly creep away into the night like the slime they are.

  2. Bachmann is stark raving crazy, so nothing she says or does would surprise me. But what happened to Ron Paul’s Libertarian roots of keeping big government from infringing upon the individual freedoms of American citizens? Is that protection of individual freedoms only upheld when it doesn’t involve the Feds spending money???

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