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The Parting Shot for May 7, 2012

The top of the world…

Photo credit:  Unknown

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  1. I love the clean, crisp news reporter style of this theme. Made me seriously consider changing my theme last night. Then I remembered how much work goes into changing themes after locating one that is “me”. That thought woke me from that dream. 😉

    • Thanks. I’m still not done with the theme yet. Too many distracting pix in the sidebars…. Was going to fix it tonight, but was having a very odd noise from my computer which sounded like a fan. After about an hour, I finally figured out it was my GPU fan (graphic card). So had to take that out, clean it, and restart. That did the trick. But took me most of the evening to figure out my noise.

      • Does your header change by itself? That is so cool if it does. I have to change mine whenever I want a different look….but if yours changes everytime a person returns to your blog, that is really cool.

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