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Man Tries to Stop Wife from Voting Against WI Scott Walker; She Hits Him with SUV

I love this story.

Amanda Radle, 30, wanted to vote for in the gubernatorial primary, and she supports the effort to recall Walker, who has infuriated the state’s unions with his initiatives to cut benefits and limit collective bargaining.

Basically, Amanda and her husband, Jeffrey Radle, 36, were arguing in front of their Chippewa Falls, Wisc., home about who she was planning on voting for. Jeffrey and his brother, Mike Radle, are staunch supporters of Walker. When Amanda went to leave, her husband stood in front of her SUV and refused to let her pass. Eventually she found a “hole” and attempted to escape – but Jeffrey (stupidly) jumped in front of the vehicle.

Mike Radle told reporters that his “brother suffered serious injuries and would stay at the hospital overnight.” Hmmm… must not be too serious if he is only staying overnight.

“These crazy liberal nuts are always pulling this crap,” Mike Radle said. He said that Amanda Radle wanted to vote for “one of the women candidates.”

Whether either Radle voted in the election is unknown. Regardless, Tuesday’s election produced Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett as the primary winners. The recall vote on Scott Walker is June 5.

Personally, I think Jeffrey is an idiot for doing so and deserves every scrape he got. And “crazy liberal nut?” Gee, let’s see…. Scott Walker repealed the Equal Pay Enforcement Act.

Perhaps someone should educate Mr. Radle about the seriousness of voter intimidation laws in the United States, a felony over such a silly incident probably wouldn’t look great on his record.


MSNBC:  Man tries to stop wife from voting; she hits him with SUV
The Inquisitr:  Wife Hits Husband With SUV When He Tries To Stop Her Wisconsin Recall Vote
Huffington Post:  Scott Walker Pressed For Answers On Wisconsin Equal Pay Law Repeal


  1. So this guy is stupid enough to jump in front of a moving vehicle, and he also supports Walker. I’m not saying the two are related, but…

  2. he is to blame for what happened. frankly if it had been me i’d probably ran over him and backed up a did it again jus in case i missed something .

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