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Now THIS is How to Wake Up a Kid Sleeping in the Car

Hilarious viral video on how to wake up a sleeping 3-year old in the back seat of a car. Home video out of Norway (I believe). From the story in the comments, the last time they went to wake up the child, he was very grumpy and cranky. Therefore this time around, they decided to treat him to the “alarm clock” of “Breed” by Nirvana.

Video now has over 3 million hits after being uploaded on April 25, 2012.

So here we go (the comments the owner of the video made are below the video as an fyi)…

How to wake up a kid – ( Breed- Nirvana )

How to wake up a sleeping kid.
Only 3 years old!
For all you commentators and viewers, just to clarify a few things about this video.
This is my half little brother and she is my sister. My mother married a BIG Viking 🙂 So brother looks a little more than 3 years.
The last time we woke him up in the car, he got so grumpy and cranky. And since he loves this kind of music we just had to try a new method. I think there are parents that can recognize this scene.
He is half Norwegian and half Chilean.

Negative or positive comments, I think it’s fun to read them, we are all so different:)
The language you hear is from Trondheim dialect Norway and Spanish.

Thanks for your attention!

Ps. seat belt is our fault :/
He wakes up playing the drums in his sleep. Very funny!
Eventyrlig måte å våkne opp til Nirvana musikk.


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