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Dog Grabs Video Camera and Films his Owners Trying to Catch Him

This is too funny. When video recording their pet Spaniel, the owners set the camera down on the floor. Why, I have no clue. But their pooch decided that he wanted his shot at doing some filming and picks it up in his mouth. Fortunately, camera-dog managed to pick up the camera and hold it in just the right position so you see a forward shot of him running around the house playing keep away, and catch glimpses of humans attempting to catch camera-dog.

I so love this video. I know a few dogs which would do the same thing.

Director dog shoots summer blockbuster


    • LOL… I know. I was thinking about how I could attach a camera to a dog collar and run an agility course with it. There’s a camera out that really isn’t that expensive, around $300, that is made to attach to helmets and other items for those “extremists” to record their venture.

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