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Something Smells in Wisconsin and it’s not the Cheese…

Well, currently 74.9% of the votes are in. For Barrett (D): 758,990 for 44.1%. And Walker has 953,080 for 55.3%. And these numbers are not sitting right with me.

There were just over a million signatures on the petition to recall Walker. Those people who signed will surely vote. Then add on the others who would vote against Walker and when all the votes come in, there should be at least a million votes for Barrett. I would imagine the majority of the people who signed plus another hundred thousand, if not more after so many teachers have been fired, would vote for Barrett.

I smell voter fraud, or somehow votes are “filtered” out for whatever reason someone feels they’re not legal. No, I’m not being a sore loser. Well, yes I am very disappointed. But what really bothers me is April, 2011…

Last April, the spring elections for Wisconsin Supreme Court had the incumbent Justice David Prosser (R) running neck-in-neck with challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg (D). At one point, Koppenburg was declared the winner. Then magically… a laptop appear with over 7,000 votes on it for Prosser. And who found this missing laptop? Waukesha Co. Clerk Kathy Nickolaus who was granted immunity after the state’s caucus scandal. She was then an Assembly Republican Caucus employee.

Now as I publish this, currently 85.3% of the votes are in. For Barrett (D): 911,120 for 45.0%. And Wanker, I mean Walker has 1,101,144 for 54.4%. And these numbers are not sitting right with me.

Something smells and it is not Limburger Cheese.

UPDATE:  11:15 PM Central Time

Well, Barrett has achieved his million votes. 92.9% reporting. I’m still not happy and still believe something stinks….

UPDATE:  12:45 AM, June 6th, 2012: Central Time

I have no foundation, no proof, only a gut instinct combined with the laptop appearing last year that there is some major vote rigging and fraud going on. This coming election frightens me.

Citizens United + SCOTUS + Koch Bros et al = no more democracy


Huffington Post: Wisconsin Election Results: Scott Walker Survives (PLAYLIST)
Daily Kos: Wisconsin Supreme Court: Local clerk ‘finds’ over 7,000 votes for Prosser
JSOnline: Prosser’s huge gain comes after Waukesha County flub is caught


  1. the voting machines . you know they were rigged this is nothing new. walker was going to win if he got one vote period. everyone should have known that.

  2. It didn’t make sense to me either…and I am glad you said it because I didn’t want to sound like a “conspiracy theorist” although truthfully I do think political organizations have long term conspiracies afoot. But back to the point I agree the votes don’t tally and with all the money in the republican coffers who knows what and who they could buy.

  3. Don’t forget, the Koch Brothers pumped in a lot of money into Wisconsin, and sent loads of people up there to. Then with Bill Clinton saying the Bush tax cuts should be extended, just about sealed the deal for Romney to win the November election.

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