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DWOC Pastor Hangs President Obama Effigy in Front of his Church

Terry Jones is the pastor at Dove World Outreach Center (DWOC) in Gainesville, Florida. He has been in the news before when he burned a pile of Korans. Now he has pushed the envelope to the far extreme and has hung an effigy of President Obama holding a baby doll, representing abortion, in the yard in front of his church.

In addition to the dummy of Obama and doll, there is a gay pride rainbow striped flag in Obama’s left hand and an Uncle Sam holding the American flag. Nearby the words “Obama is Killing America” are printed on a trailer.

In a telephone interview with The Huffington Post, Jones said the flag was meant to call attention to Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage and that the baby doll is there because the president is “favorable toward abortion.”

We may be in the land of free speech, but this is going too far in my opinion. Jones is hanging the man that allows him the freedom to speak his mind and run his cultish church. It does not matter to me if that was Bush, Reagan, or Nixon hanging there. Jones is displaying nothing more than pure hatred. I thought church was about preaching love and acceptance. I know most do, but obviously not this one.

This “church” has a history of cult-like behavior which includes their Academy Rulebook, written by Jone’s wife and published in 2007, prospective ministers are directed to cut off most contact with family members. “Family occasions like wedding, funerals or Birthdays are no exception to this rule,” the rulebook notes. “No phone calls. Exceptions can be made under certain circumstances but only after receiving permission.”

The Joneses also barred “Singles” from having “romantic relationships to the opposite sex…Except work things, there is no need to talk at all, or even flirt!” Students were barred from “eating out in restaurants” and warned that they would be weighed “once a week to follow the tendency,” an apparent reference to a weight goal established by the Joneses.

Insane. Hateful. Crazy. I shake my head but just keep reminding myself that we do live in a country which allows a nutcase like this his freedom of speech. Although I think hanging an effigy of the POTUS is too going too far. I am sure he is being watch heavily now.

Many preach their hatred for Islam and Muslims, especially when some people of Islam attack Christianity. Well, how is Jones burning the Koran any different from what some Muslims are doing? The hypocricy is so thick.


Huffington Post: Terry Jones, Quran-Burning Pastor, Hangs Barack Obama Effigy Outside Florida Church
The Smoking Gun: DWOC Academy Rulebook
Huffington Post: Koran-Hating Pastor Hangs Barack Obama In Effigy In Florida Church’s Front Yard


    • Is our society totally going nuts right now ? First the severed head of Donald Trump and now this? Our forefathers did not intend our “freedom of speech” and “freedom of expression” to be used and abused like this. But here we have people pushing the envelope to its extreme and what do we get for it as our concelation prize? A “mad” man shooting at and trying to kill republicans because he disagrees with their “freedom of speech” and “freedom of expression”. God help as all.

      • Oh yes, and a man showing how he would love to hang President Obama is okay?
        Give me a break, this
        kind of talk is racist, and you’re using
        It to incite people. And, this can end cause injury or
        Even Death. You should be ashamed!

  1. Yes Freedom of speech is one thing…I agree with you 100% Michelle. What is it that “makes” these kinda of people? ( I use that term very loosely in his case)..

  2. Hardly Christian…let’s lynch an effigy of a black guy! Yes, we learned a lot over the years. You can’t tell me that race isn’t playing a big part in the anti-Obama movement.

  3. These freaks are all into CONTROL. That’s what it’s all about to them, despite what they say. Most of them don’t even know it – they just think they are “doing good” – and that misconception is reinforced when others join their crowd. Can you say “mob”? Crowds are okay; mobs are not. Look what happened to Nazism.

    I don’t understand it on a gut level: why some folks feel they have to dictate others behavior. But I do understand it psychologically – it’s a survival trait left over from our caveman days carried to the nth extreme. “They” wanna tell me where to put my dick, how to think, eat, dress; what to read and ignore; what to believe – controlling every thought in my head. This is a SICK form of ‘control’ – and they show their sickness by even wanting to.

    As far as their “displays” – I don’t care. I’m all about living in the land of Freedom. You wanna hang effigies? Go right ahead – as long as you’re not hanging real people with them. And I feel that anyone who is foolish enough to believe them and go along with their ‘rules’ has that right – but they oughta have their head examined, too, first. After all, any religion that preaches hate and intolerance is going against ‘god’s’ word – and quite frequently if you read their books, the spirit of their own faith and religion.

    I’ve argued with monsters like these time and time again: Maybe the Bible was dictated by God – but the damn thing was written by man, who threw their own two-cents in simply to get their own say according to the traditions they lived in. And in this case, the “way” is simply “control”. Of everyone’s mind.

    • That bible was passed on verbally for many generations until finally written. And it sure wasn’t written in English. So translated, retranslated, etc. If anyone ever goes to google docs, one can easily see how garbled the translation is from (for example) Arabic to English or vice versa. I’m sure there has been a LOT lost or changed via all the translations through the centuries.

      And people do need to worry about their own lives and families and stop worrying about others – especially when it has no affect on anyone else.

      • So true. I’ve “read” the Dead Sea Scrolls – which most Christians don’t bother to do – and the fact is, some words are not given over to translation. Then throw in some tribal elders wishing to impose their own views . . . and yeah: you got a “man orientated” garbled mess. Throw out most of the ‘rules’ and you got a good book. LOL. Phrases my father wants me stoned for (he’s a Baptist with a Doctorates degree in Theology). But my mom (a Witch) just stands up and cheers (then throws stones because she’s kinda mad – as in a bit insane). Made for an interesting childhood, tho, LOL!

        • PRESIDENT(‘s) CANNOT/DO NOT GRANT US THAT WHICH OURS! Welcome to the Continental United States/Territories of America, ..article2-freedom of expression, right of speech! Americans need to embrace thier inheirant rights!…”keep government on a short leash”..ring a bell? Too far? oh yeah? Other(‘s) have gone way further! ACCEPTANCE! Not too good now, is it? Where are the American’s based in freedom? gone?.. ..nope, we’re here.

  4. It’s apparent that this man is a fucking idiot that represents hatred and evil doing. why hasn’t the Secret Service paid him a visit just as they did Eminem?

  5. If he was so MAD 😡 about this then why didn’t he react while the man was president this man hasn’t been president in yrs 🤦🏾‍♀️ if ur not mad at the shit that #45 is doing, saying and inflicting on the world 🌎 right now ur an idiot.. Obama was a president for ALL people (like preachers/pastors are suppose to b) praying for OUR country


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