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AZ Jan Brewer’s Book Title Reeks of Anti-Freedom

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer published a book on November 1, 2011, called Scorpions for Breakfast | My Fight Against Special Interests, Liberal Media, and Cynical Politicos to Secure America’s Border. The title of this book does not set well with me. Naturally, we are aware of her hatred towards illegals from Mexico and has affiliations with CCA (Corrections Corporation of America), a private prison industry, in order to lock up and profit from the illegals arrested due to AZ HB1070 – which has been stopped by the US DOJ as well as other Federal Courts. This portion of her book title is no surprise.

However, “…My Fight Against Special Interests…” and “…Liberal Media…” greatly bothers me. I am now going to rhetorically ask Jan a question which I despise. It includes a description often thrown around loosely by Tea Baggers when other people have an opinion different from their own. So, here goes… Jan, are you a commie??? Seriously, are you a commie? Why are you personally fighting against special interest groups which, by definition, is “…a community with an interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge, learning or technology where members cooperate to affect or to produce solutions within their particular field, and may communicate, meet, and organize conferences”?

The freedom our country was founded upon means that we are allowed to create Special Interest Groups as well as our media having the freedom to express their own liberal views. Not following orders from Brewer and only covering Brewer’s personal opinions. We all do not need to agree with other views, but please do not fight groups which exist because of our freedom.

I found her book on Amazon and the book description covers her problems with unsecured borders and illegal immigrants. However, I did find something much more interesting…. Amazon allows customers to upload images and post on the same site as the item for sale.

Someone uploaded this image along with the caption as well as a reference to the black spot in the center of the tumbleweed:


Now, here is an image uploaded by someone who is apparently a fan of Jan Brewer and her border control issues. Note the spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes in their comment – and they’re complaining about immigrants not knowing English? Looks like this poor soul needs a few lessons of his own. I find this rather frightening as these people are the ignorant fools which are following the far right wing like sheeple headed to the slaughter. They known not how to think for themselves and people like Jan Brewer take complete advantage of them.

“Most Immigrants,who dont care to learn English,or pay taxes,or ignore our immigration laws dont know or care at all about The Amer.Revolution or George Washington or what it really stands for-WE are the ONLY people who care about what’s right and best for America-immigrants only care about thier own self-interests”

LOL… this video is probably why she is opposed to liberal media. She has been blatantly caught in a lie.

How can we trust Jan Brewer?

Now, a couple Jan Brewer funnies….

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  1. What I find sad and scary is the way Ms. Brewer, the supporting poster on Amazon, and the various groups of like minded people are re-defining the clearly documented ideal of the founders of America. I imagine they have never read items like George Washington’s letter to the Hebrew congregation ( ), or they write them off as irrelevant or non-applicable. It is sad and embarrassing to me as a citizen of the United States to see them shout and puff and brag about being “True American’s”. And it is even sadder to see the angry mobs that blindly and happily follow them.

  2. jan brewer appears to me out of place as governor . she seems more suited to be found working water front bars . the tea partiers they are behind every rotten thing in this counry . i thought what are tea partiers really good for and only thing i can think of is they are good for target pratice .. if romney gets in this is the end for american . you all know that. you see there are no countries going to come to our rescue and life as we know it will be over. they will go through with plans to take children from poor parents and the koch brothers family history like the koch that ran a concentration camp in germany are the men behind plans to take people to camps for job training are really concentration camps and no one will be here to help us. every dirty thing in the world you will find religion behind it. they want this and it will really be over. i never thought our country could be taken over so easily. i believe in god i just do not believe in religion .

    • I think that Tea Baggers would make excellent collection agency employees…. They have no heart, no ethics, and believe only in “me me me me…” They lie, they threaten and believe the world revolves around them and in most cases the bible, too.

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