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Pimp My Horse!

Freddie W is a special effects artist and I follow his YouTube channel. Some videos are awesome! Others are so-so. This one is not one of his norms since his special effects are more along the lines of gaming, such as explosions and the like.

But this is too funny not to share. Make sure to watch it to the surprise “bass” ending…. Now excuse me while I go roll on the floor laughing some more. And just a heads-up here… this is one of those “so stupid it’s funny” videos. Do not expect award winning anything here. Just chill and go with the flow.

Oh, btw… sadly, the show was canceled after only this one episode, which you – yes, YOU – now have the opportunity to watch!

freddiew : Pimp My Horse


  1. Well now that sure went far beyond just being “a horse of a different color”! Lol – You were right Michelle, they saved the very best for last, with that bass ending! 😀

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