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Happy 72nd Birthday Ringo Starr! Peace and Love!

Happy 72nd Birthday, Ringo Starr! Peach and love right back atcha!

Here is a short interview by CNN with Ringo today on his birthday – and damn… I wish I looked that good now at the age of 47 – Ringo looks phenomenal! His only request is for everyone to spread his message of “peace and love.” Also a brief surprise visit by Joe Walsh.

Several other video clips and photos follow the CNN interview today.

Here is someone’s list of the Top 10 songs sung by Ringo.

Top 10 Beatles Songs Sung by Ringo Starr

Let’s not forget Ringo as Atouk the cavemen in the movie Caveman, 1981 (the last video below is the full movie if you would like to watch it or save it for another time):

Caveman (1981)

Ringo’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2010

Happy 72nd Birthday Ringo Starr! You are looking fantastic! Thanks for all the music and memories you have given to millions of people throughout the decades. Peace and love.

Some photos of Ringo Starr:

Charcoal drawing of Ringo Starr by flamingpie

Caveman (1981) – Full Length Movie


  1. Last night, I went to The Fox Theater in Atlanta to see Ringo Starr and his All star Band including Steve Lukather (Toto) and Gregg Rolie (Santana & Journey), Richard Page Mr. Mister), Todd Rundgren (The Nazz, Utopia) , Mark Rivera (who has played with everybody except me), and Gregg Bissonette (Electric Light Orchestra, WaveGroup Sound). Not a bad little jazz combo! Quite a show, indeed! “With a Little Help From My Friends” followed by Lennon’s “Give Peace A Chance” closed the show. Woof!

  2. OMG, 72. How did that happen? How dare he make me feel so old! I was in college when the
    Beatles released their first album, which I promptly bought. I was a huge fan in their early years; they kind of lost me with Sgt. Pepper and later.

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