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Is Mitt Romney a Psychopath? Or Sociopath? Also included, Mitt Funnies

Earlier today, someone had posted the traits of a sociopath and how the list fit Mitt Romney nearly to a “T.” I decided to do a bit of research to firm up exactly what a sociopath is, but when doing so, I discovered that there are two types of personality disorders which are very similar to one another – one being a sociopath and the other a psychopath. Is Romney one or the other? After reading through about a dozen or so sites and journals, I FIRMLY believe he is, and I find that he fits the traits listed for a psychopath rather than a sociopath. In most cases, these two are nearly the same, but the primary difference is that sociopaths are very disorganized and cannot maintain relationships, whereas psychopaths can. Often times, serial killers are classified as one or the other. Although I have a lot of disdain for Romney, I do not believe he has the capability of being a killer – other than a job-killer.

According to Batul Nafisa Baxamusa:

“Psychopaths are not often murderers, but are rather perhaps your next door neighbors, co-worker or even your lover. Psychopaths have a persuasive personality that is so dazzling, that it tends to blind your eyes into a make belief world, till realization dawns when it’s too late. They have a personality that is similar to Jekyll and Hyde. They get what they want…. Self-gratification is their whole and sole aim of life. Their up-bringing plays very little role in their behavior and is mostly due to biological or genetic factors…. Psychopaths tend to hang around with you, till you have been sucked out of all the money and emotionally drained. Then, they exhibit their true self and the best thing to do is move on yourself. Psychopaths tend to be very aggressive and can lose their temper over trivial matters. They have problems controlling their behavior and are basically remorseless to the pain or embarrassment caused to others due to their actions.”

Doesn’t that sound a LOT like Romney? Especially where Batul writes, “Psychopaths tend to hang around with you, till you have been sucked out of all the money and emotionally drained. Then, they exhibit their true self and the best thing to do is move on yourself.” Romney has sucked the life out of many companies when he was a part of Bain Capital, then just sauntered on his way with millions (billions?) in the bank.

A couple symptoms of both I found rather interesting are:

• The symptoms of a sociopath and psychopath are expressed outwardly from the age of 15 years. The antisocial behavior is exhibited by cruelty shown to animals.

• This is very apparent with his treatment of his dog, Seamus, but forcing him to travel in a dog crate on top of their car on a cross-country trip.

• Under both disorders, the person seems to lack a ‘conscience’, they show lack of remorse for their wrongdoings, inability to form a genuine relationship and an out of proportion reaction to the comprehended rebuffs.

• Just a few months ago, a fellow high school classmate of Romney’s told about how Mitt tackled another male student, held him down while Mitt cut off his hair – all because the victim was “different” and showed effeminate qualities. After this bullying hit the news, Mitt was asked directly to comment on his action. Romney replied that he does not recall that incident – and I believe him. The way Romney physically and emotionally hurt this poor boy means nothing to Mitt, so much that it would be like most people walking to their car. We are not going to recall when we walked to our car thirty or forty years ago.

According to Tom Woods, bestselling author of 11 books. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Harvard and his master’s, M.Phil., and Ph.D. from Columbia University, the seven signs of a Sociopath are:

1.  Sociopaths [and psychopaths] completely lack a conscience or any capacity for real regret about hurting people. Although they pretend the opposite.

2.  Sociopaths [and psychopaths] put their own desires and wants on a totally different level from those of other people. Their wants are incommensurate. They truly believe their ends justify their means. Although they pretend the opposite.

3.  Sociopaths [and psychopaths] consider themselves superior to everyone else, because they aren’t burdened by the emotions and ethics others have – they’re above all that. They’re arrogant. Although they pretend the opposite.

4.  Sociopaths [and psychopaths] never accept the slightest responsibility for anything that goes wrong, even though they’re responsible for almost everything that goes wrong. You’ll never hear a sincere apology from them.

5.  Sociopaths [and psychopaths] have a lopsided notion of property rights. What’s theirs is theirs, and what’s yours is theirs too. They therefore defend currency inflation and taxation as good things.

6.  Sociopaths [and psychopaths] usually pick the wrong target to attack. If they lose their wallet, they kick the dog. If 16 Saudis fly planes into buildings, they attack Afghanistan.

7.  Sociopaths [and psychopaths] traffic in disturbing news, they love to pass on destructive rumors and they’ll falsify information to damage others.

Furthermore, Woods site tells how our politicians exhibit all of these characteristics. Doug Casey writes:

“The US is already in a truly major depression and on the edge of financial chaos and a currency meltdown. The sociopaths in government will react by redoubling the pace toward a police state domestically and starting a major war abroad. To me, this is completely predictable. It’s what sociopaths do.”

Mitt Romney fits each of these descriptions perfectly. Since Romney is capable of carrying on relationships, then that in and of itself bears the classification of a psychopath rather than a sociopath.

The thought of a true psychopath running this country is one very terrifying image which I hope never comes true. There is still inequality present in many areas of life, both between the sexes and between races. In Mitt Romney’s case, he was raised in a religion that firmly believes that white males dominate over all… over women… over other races. Over all. He will take care of his “kind” first, meaning the highly wealthy will be catered to while the rest of the country “works it’s way out.”

As I mentioned in the title, there are some Mitt Funnies. You know, funny photos with captions kinda thing…. And it is now time to share those, especially after realizing that the man who is running for President of the United States against the incumbant, Barack Obama, is a psychopath….











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  1. I had a supervisor who was a sociopath. She embezzled $40,000.00 from the company, that we know about. She wouldn’t let anyone go to the bank after she was hired. She was the only one and for three months she kept forgetting to pick up the bank statements. When the director went to the bank she picked up all the statements and we started reconciliation. A 40K check was cashed in…you got it The Cayman Island. Medicare and medicaid monies. That’s what we discovered. Her salary was about 60k in 1991. She came to work on a Monday and said her house was broken into and they took all her jewelry, money, TV ect…Director gave her a check to help with her loss. It’s funny she had this beautiful solid gold choker, it had to be worth around 1k, in 1991. We were a close net office more like family then co-workers. She never jelled with us. She showed no real emotions. Of course when we learned of the money in the Cayman’s she was long gone and unable to be located. We would be F%$* without grease if Willard gets into office.

  2. So scary, indeed… I really feel like I’m living in a George Orwellian world. I hope it is enough to SPEAK OUT to expose these awfullnesses and VOTE, so he doesn’t become president due to laziness and/or a few “hanging chads”!!!


  3. This is what happens when the general public keeps voting REPUBLICIAN, they will not accept the truth when it is in front of them. The GOP is not the same as your grandfathers of the 50’s. All of the GOP elected politicians have the same traits as listed in this column that’s why they like each other but do not trust each other. They continue to blame Obama for the mess we are in and they where in control approximately 22 of the last 30 years. They have not presented one solution from Congress in 2!/2 years that they have been in control and continue to deny any forward movement so the ecomomy can turn around. Create a BOOGY MAN and scare the low information voter to keep putting them
    in office. This is pure insanity.

    • The general public that I’ve seen doesn’t vote Republican, I just see every joke about Obama shot down or covered up and every joke about Romney spread everywhere. I guess there’s no such thing as politics, only looking generally good to the public.

  4. I am very disturbed by this post, because it confirms what I have suspected for some time now… that I am a psychopath. (Just Kidding!) I am clearly NOT a psychopath or a sociopath at all, because I am psychotic, and when it comes to having some REAL fun while in a pathologically delusional state, it’s the psychotics like me, who have ALL the fun, adventure and excitement, while the psychopaths and sociopaths live seriously boring lives in comparison.

    So if ya wanna go crazy, well then don’t settle for weak and unimpressive halfway measures! GO ALL THE WAY CRAZY instead!!! Trust me here, when I say that you’ll be glad that you did! 😀

    BTW, I really liked the “Let’s Be Clear…” Romney meme. That pretty much says it all for me.

  5. I have a page on psychopathy, which I’ve linked. I have a section there where I distinguish psychopathy vs. sociopathy vs. antisocial disorder. I talked to and read several different experts to get their consensus on the difference. Not everyone actually agrees totally. But I think I got a good basic distinction which I’ve put forth there (along with a ton of other information about how these conditions affect our world.)

    • Very interesting. Thanks! Although I did not read it all, as it is rather long and detailed, I did read through some of the sections. Basically, it supports what I have thought about many leaders and powerful people and that in order to have gotten where they are, there is commonly some degree of psychopathy inherent in the persons personality and psychiatry. And that makes sense, especially when it does come to leading a country, or large mass of people – a leader typically cannot empathize with every feeling out there. But where I see a difference is someone who is aware that there are misfortunes beneath them and it affects them to some degree versus those who completely separate their feelings to the point that they just do not care about anyone that is not a part or aids in their success – and that is where I see Romney. He really is so out of touch with many sects of people in all different ways that although I do not doubt he would be very successful in business, he would be very damaging to the people.

      I do intend on reading your article more thoroughly and I do thank you for sharing. I had some difficulty with finding sites which clearly addresses these traits on a level that a non-psychiatric person would understand.

      • Hey Michelle. Yes it’s VERY detailed. And it’s actually only part of an even bigger series of related pages. You might especially want to read the page on ponerology which is linked to from that page. Ponerology is really the field that sums this all up. If there is one measure I think should be taken, it is to establish ponerology as a more credible and flourishing field of study.

        Also it isn’t just psychopathy that is involved. There are other related disorders that play a role, sometimes in conjunction with psychopathy, in how destructiveness develops in our systems.

        It’s fascinating stuff and I hope when you have some time you’ll read that page and perhaps others in the series more fully. Great to see people expanding the dialogue on this topic.

    • I agree. It’s too bad that everything is on the line. I find that it is necessary to choose sides and try to sort out many issues and try to work on Obama later. I feel that for me this is the most important election in my life and I hope that we can have another election someday. Very scary times. Phillip

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