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Romney Smirks at News of American Deaths in Libya | Video Obama on Romney’s Statement

Such the caring a tactful man that he is, this photo below was snapped as Mitt Romney walked away from the podium immediately after giving his poorly thought out statement to the press blaming the Obama administration for “sympathiz(ing) with those who waged the attacks.” On Tuesday, U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three of his staff members were killed in Benghazi, Libya.

Romney cares naught about anyone except himself – and that is very apparent in this smirky grin on his face. Romney cares more about creating and providing the Obama-lies he just told the reporters – and apparently Romney could care less about the victims of the US. targeted killings in Libya.

Doesn’t he EVER get tired of lying? Oh, wait. That’s right, he’s a psychopath and that’s what they do. There is a time and place for everything – and this was NOT the time, nor the place for Romney to do some Obama-bashing. Additionally, who in the world gave him the okay to make an announcement opposite our Commander-in-Chief? Imagine the family of the deceased knowing the Romney used the death of their loved one for a cheap pot-shot at our President. Horrible! Then to smirk when walking away. Does this man have no shame?

This is the real, cold and calculating Mitt Romney who finds the deaths of innocent people useful rather than tragic.

This character defect won’t stop at the White House doors, folks.

Obama On Romney’s Libya Response: ‘Shoot First And Aim Later’

Romney Libya QA.

I cannot help but both laugh and feel sorry for Romney here. Watch and listen to him the first minute or so. He stumbles, stutters, and just cannot think of what to say – unless it’s been written down for him. And people want THIS to run our country? Oh, hell NO!

Source: Addicting Info


  1. of course he’s smirking, to him this is a win/win situation. if we don’t start an all out war, the president is the bad guy. if we do start a war rmoney has nothing to lose, not children, not anything, not even money because he’d find a way to profit. this grinning skull of a candidate is loving this. he cares not that anyone was killed or injured, this is an opportunity not a tragedy to rmoney and his base. they’re loving it.

  2. I am worried that Romney’s repeated statement about the administration’s response when the embassy was breached and burning will be what terrified people remember, never mind that he is lying. There ought to be a law about politicians giving an unqualified apology whenever a statement of theirs has been found to be untrue, whether it was done deliberately or inadvertently.

    • I agree. Especially when it is a safety issues for US citizens – or any country for that matter. Like Romney spouting his mouth in Israel… he said some stuff that he had no business stating. I cannot recall any prior candidate playing President before the elections even occurred.

  3. In doing a little research on facial espressions, I discovered that in this photo, Romney’s eyes express smugness rather than pleasure and the side of the mouth raised into a sneer indicates contempt.As Nancy says, the veil is lifted. No matter what he says from now on, we should remember that what he’s thinking will show on his face.

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