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Some Fun with The Lord of the Rings


I am a HUGE – and I mean HUGE – Trilogy fan! Both the books and the movies, although I favor the movies. What a phenomenal job Peter Jackson did. I’m so looking forward to seeing The Hobbit.

Just kinda surfing around YouTube and came across a few fun videos from the set of The Lord of the Rings. Some bloopers, some funning around, and some interesting shots of partial make-up, partial costumes, how Gollum was created, Gollum eating popcorn, and so on. So thought I would share with the other Ring fans. Also some funnies below the videos.

Gandalf: The battle of Helm’s Deep is over; the battle for Middle Earth is about to begin.


Lord of the Rings Bloopers/outtakes


Lord of the Rings Fun Reel


LOTR Give up the Halfling, She-Elf!

No bloopers or outtakes here… just one of my favorite scenes….


The Hobbit Official Trailer #1 – Lord of the Rings Movie (2012) HD

And here is the trailer for the upcoming The Hobbit.










And now… the REAL “Lord of the Rings” (drum roll please….)





  1. Read the trilogy back in my junior year in college – not for a course, just cause I wanted to read it, and I loved it. Never did see the movies though.

    The real Lord of the Rings looks like a human key chain ring holder. He could get work at Home Depot just by standing next to the key cutting machine, as a merchandise display.

    I like the one of Gollum – “You think I’m pretty without any makeup on?”

    In a word, NO!

    • WHAT????? You haven’t seen the movies??? What are you… a commie or something?? LOL… just kidding. Seriously, though… you need to watch them – and obviously in order. It is one of the few movies that whenever it is on TV, I will always watch it. I can NEVER get enough of any of the three movies. I will even turn off CNN or any news, walk away from my computer, and watch it.

      • Nope, guess we just got around to seeing them, and we are not commies. Why? Did Stalin have some issues with Tolkien? Lol 🙂 But we do have Netflix, and based upon your enthusiastic two thumbs and two big toes up recommendation, we’ll get them in soon. If they’re good enough to get you away from your computer, then that is really saying something! Lol 😉 Kidding – cause I should be the LAST one to talk on that score.

        • You? The last one to talk? Ha! I am literally on my computer from the time I wake up (turn alarm off, walk by computer hit button to bring it out of sleep mode, let dogs out, go to the bathroom, get my coffee, then sit down in front of my computer until I get ready and leave for work) until I go to bed (get home from work, let dogs out, turn computer on, feed dogs, turn off computer between midnight and 1 AM). Literally. Every day. Oh, occasionally on weekends I get out for a few hours to take some photos, but that’s about it.

        • For the last week or so, I’ve come very close to matching what you just described, as far as the vast amount of time I’ve spent on my PC. My wife isn’t happy about it, and it’s causing us some real problems.

          You can read all about it in my most recent post.

        • Check your spam folder – I just replied here and I have a feeling that my reply got misidentified as spam, since I can’t see it after having sent it.

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